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Squirt 101: The Ultimate Guide to Squirt, For a Better Life

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Do you sometimes feel the urge to pee during sexual intercourse or self-stimulation? You might be close to squirting, or what's known as female ejaculation.

Now before you ask, squirting is definitely a real thing and not a myth. A study done in 1984 reveals that more than half of women have squirted, or had an 'orgasmic expulsion' at least once in their lives. Even more noteworthy is that 14% of ladies have 'ejaculated' on nearly every orgasm they have had.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to try it, congratulations! You're well on your way to better sexual health. Squirting can be a very enjoyable and pleasurable journey as long as you know what you're doing. I have tried squirting several times, and it's been really fun. Let me be your guide on how you can experience this mind-blowing phenomenon. 

First, What is Squirting Orgasm?

Before we go in-depth on how you can squirt, it helps to understand the basics of it all.

The 'squirt', or juice that comes out of the vagina isn't pee (although scientists say the chemical makeup is similar), but rather a special kind of liquid that's secreted by your Skene's glands. Furthermore, the juice that comes out only does so when you’re aroused and there’s vaginal stimulation.

So, squirters tend to ejaculate female juices in the act of sexual stimulation and when they're super aroused. However, you should keep in mind that squirting can happen even if you're not actively looking to do so. And if you've done it before, then you may already have a few ideas on how you can do it again.

Technically speaking, a squirting orgasm only happens when you cum and squirt gushing liquid at the climax of self-pleasure or sexual intercourse. Unlike porn movies though, the volume depends on the individual- some can only produce a stream, while others can go full-on water hydrant mode. It's perfectly normal to be one or the other, and it shouldn't detract you from enjoying your sexual pursuits.

Do I Only Need to Stimulate My G-Spot to Squirt?

The short answer is, it depends. Some might get off with g-spot stimulation alone. Others might find themselves squirting when they focus on their clitoris or labia.

Squirting is a beautiful journey that's uniquely different for each individual. I'll share a secret- I wasn't able to squirt with just g-spot stimulation alone, and it wasn't an easy try. Truth is, it was during my fourth try that I was able to produce a glorious and heavenly ejaculation (more on how you can do the same later).

The G-spot is a good place to start. My friends have reported success in focusing on this area, although different stimulation methods were used. However, you should also note that there are other places that you can tickle, including the front wall of your vagina, the labia, or the clitoris, which are altogether backed by research. If you constantly orgasm on g-spot stimulation, don't despair- there are other delicious parts of yourself that you can explore.

A Beginner's Guide to Female Ejaculation

So now we get to the meaty part of squirting, which is actually doing it.

The first thing you should do when trying to squirt is to not force it. It's perfectly okay to have a disappointing session, and if you do squirt then it may not have the same effect as what you see on porn videos. Don't conform to those standards as you're a whole and unique individual!

Set the Atmosphere

It's best to set aside some quiet time, as well as a private area in your home for this. Ideally, the lights should be dimmed so you can be more comfortable. You can even turn off the lights and get some candles for this joyous occasion.

Try to eliminate distractions- turn off the TV, put your phone in another room and reduce noise by closing the windows or curtains. You can enhance your special place by adding a diffuser or lighting your favorite incense or essential oil.

What you're looking for is an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable, empowered, and sexy. When you feel aroused, it's a good sign that you're about halfway there.

Start Exploring

Feel yourself, or have your partner explore your vagina for that sweet spot. Do some slow stimulation, getting a feel for what feels right and what feels oh so heavenly to touch.

Locate your g-spot, which can be found somewhere on the upper walls of your vagina. You'll know you've found it when you come alive and start feeling and getting sexually excited on a higher level. It's no wonder that the g-spot is often attributed to mind-blowing sex, and squirting it's often the key to unlocking the full experience.

You can use a vibrator or a toy that's specially designed to stimulate the g-spot. Once you're there, keep tabs on it and gently go to the other areas, such as your labia or clitoris.

Don't Stop and Keep Going Gently

At this point, you'll have found your sexual groove and have begun to get aroused. If it helps, you can use lube to keep things wet and slippery, although you'll want a water-based product if you're using silicone stimulators.

Don't rush it, and don't force it. Rough play might be you and your partner's thing, but it won't help with squirting.

Finding the g-spot adds to the wetness and makes it and the labia wet and engorged. Keep going, and going until you reach a slow and satisfying orgasm. It's important to note that you should always keep a finger on the g-spot from start to finish for a greater chance of squirting. You'll know that you're doing great if you feel the need to pee.

Don't Be Afraid to Let Go

In my experience, squirting has the same sensation as peeing, which can prove to be difficult for those who don't want to embarrass themselves. I've learned that urinating beforehand lessens the chances of actually wetting the bed, as is putting on waterproof sheets or a layer of towels.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Squirting

Here's a short crash course to a successful squirting in a concise step-by-step method.

Step 1. Go to Your Special Place. It can be the most comfortable room in your house or apartment or a corner that makes you feel relaxed.

Step 2. Find Your Special Spot. Constant g-spot stimulation is best if you want to squirt your heart out.

Step 3. Slowly and Surely Does It. Build up to climax slowly and gently, and try to delay your orgasm as long as you can. Going rough or fast will not help- apply some lube or a g-spot vibrator to keep the pace.

Step 4. Let It Go. Yes, you'll feel the need to pee but that's just your g-spot talking. Urinate beforehand so you won't have to worry about messing up your sheets.

How to Make That Pussy Squirt?

Squirting is a glorious thing and a huge achievement for the female psyche. If you're lucky enough to have a partner who wants to squirt for the first time, then you should heed these three tips.

Talk to Each Other

Constant communication plays a key role in a successful female ejaculation. As the partner, you will need to be supportive throughout and keep an eye on things. When you see your partner trying too hard, make her relax so you can both get back on the right track.

Curiously enough, sometimes you won't need to penetrate to make her cum. The reason behind this is simple - to each her own, and you should know what arouses your partner and gets her vagina wet and throbbing.

Keep the G-Spot in the Loop

This cannot be stressed enough- to keep the juice flowing, you should do everything you can to stimulate the g-spot. It can be a special dildo, a vibrator, or your finger(s), whichever works to keep your partner moaning and in their special place.

A surefire technique to keep the stimulation is to use the 'come hither' motion. This is when you assume a tickling position on the g-spot; kind of like holding it in place gently but pushing against it.

The Bottom Line

Squirting is one of the most satisfying sensations you can have. The feeling that comes with spurting out bodily fluids during orgasm is enough to make people want to chase this elusive experience. With the right mindset, patience, and plenty of practice, you can squirt like a sex goddess and bask in the glory of your own glow after.

Squirting 101 FAQs

How does squirting happen?

Squirting, or the expulsion of fluids from the Skene's glands through the urethra and out the vagina, happens during self-play or intercourse. It's sometimes called female ejaculation and can occur when the vagina is thoroughly aroused and the g-spot is constantly stimulated.

How to make yourself squirt?

Those who want to squirt should focus first on locating their g-spot, then gently rubbing or stimulating it until they reach an orgasm. There's not one way to reach the squirting point- everyone will have their unique journey.

Can I squirt consistently?

With enough practice and lots of patience, you can. Read up on our guide above, or check out the step-by-step guide to get yourself acquainted.

What are the best positions for squirting?

You'll have a greater chance of success with several sex positions, including on her back, doing the deed upright, spooning, the doggy style or jockey position, and fingering the g-spot while in penetration.

In addition, you can employ the use of sex toys or a specially designed vibrator that's made for stimulating the g-spot. Men won't need to penetrate deep to reach the g-spot, so a variety of positions can be employed.

Does squirting only happen during an orgasm?

Curiously enough, squirting can happen even after an orgasm or sex. People normally experience one squirting session as they orgasm, but it's not uncommon to have multiple squirts spread out in the span of a few minutes.

Why is my squirt not gushing?

One important thing to remember is that not all squirts are the same. You've probably watched a video showing lots of liquid gushing out, but it's unrealistic and shouldn't be held as the gold standard.

Suppose you were able to squirt at least once, then good for you. It doesn't matter if it's only a trickle or a quick spray, just as long as you had your personal experience. A female ejaculation during an orgasm is a beautiful thing, regardless of volume. You go, girl!

Is female squirting fluid the same as urine?

It's a squirting myth that's been around for ages, but the answer is that it's not. However, there are times when pee is mixed with the fluid, but more often than not it's something else.

The ejaculate in squirting actually comes from the Skene's glands and not from the bladder itself. In addition, the liquid is mostly odorless and colorless, but in some cases, it may appear white.

Is squirting normal?

Squirting is more common than you'd think. More than half of women experience it at some point in their lives, and others squirt with a 14% chance every time they have an orgasm.

Is it possible to squirt without penetration?

Yes, certainly. Some vibrator products and sex toys can stimulate the g-spot (and the clitoris) to give you sexual pleasure. Fingering is a largely accepted method to climax and achieve a satisfactory squirt. You can even try several fingering methods, such as the 'come hither', or reaching in with your middle and ring finger, locating the g-spot, and curling your fingers up.

The 'push button' also works very well in squirting. All you need is to push the g-spot, which has the texture of a small raspberry, up and down while sliding along the pleasurable area.


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