How to Elevate Your Sexual Experience with Three Simple Techniques

It's common knowledge that being in love enhances the experience of sex, but many couples in deep love still struggle with unsatisfying sex lives. Why? The reason for this often stems from neglecting a crucial aspect of passionate sex - a slow, full-body massage. Beginner lovers tend to focus solely on sexual organs and breasts, while experienced partners understand the sensual potential of every inch of skin. By indulging in sensual touch across the entire body for a minimum of 20 minutes before engaging in genital sex, couples can intensify arousal and elevate the pleasure of subsequent orgasms.

Most women intuitively understand this. But many men don’t. They focus only on “sexy bits” and largely ignore everything else. Believe me, guys, if you embrace leisurely, whole-body massage, you’ll enjoy sex more—and so will your partner.

Touch: An Essential Element of Sex Life

Leisurely, whole-body massage has many benefits that enhance sexual experiences. It can reduce anxiety, improve mood, and decrease pain, all of which contribute to better sex. For many women, receiving a full-body massage is necessary to become sexually aroused and achieve orgasm. Men can also benefit from whole-body massage as it can prevent and treat premature ejaculation and erection difficulties.

The importance of touch cannot be overstated, as it is a fundamental human need. Like people can survive without the other four senses, infants deprived of touch will not survive. 

There are two types of touch-sensitive nerves in the skin: those that transmit pain and those that respond to pleasant touch. The latter, known as C-fibers, can trigger relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Why Many Men Resist Massage

As men enter adulthood, they often develop a skepticism towards massage and lose their touch for it. While men may slap each other's backs, they typically don't engage in gentle, affectionate touch like women do.

Also, the term "foreplay" can also be a barrier to leisurely whole-body massage,which implies something before the main event, intercourse. Many men engage in perfunctory foreplay, then rush into intercourse.

That ignores how women—and men—respond sexually. Research shows that many women prefer an extended whole-body massage that gradually incorporates intimate areas, such as the breasts and genitals, without fixating solely on them. This type of touch allows for gradual arousal and a more pleasurable sexual experience. In fact, many women require extended, whole-body caressing to become fully aroused.

Rushing into intercourse also contributes to premature ejaculation, as the penis works best with extensive whole-body massages. Focusing touch solely on the penis can cause most men to ejaculate quickly. Extended, whole-body caresses distribute arousal throughout the body, taking pressure off the penis. While the penis still becomes aroused, men who are aroused from head to toe last longer.

Enjoy the loveplay 

Instead of using the term "foreplay," consider using "loveplay" to describe every sexual activity. You can start by setting the mood with sex toys, music, or an erotic video while gently touching and kissing each other's faces and necks. As you undress, you can feed each other snacks and continue to caress each other's bodies. Once in bed, you can trade foot massages, fondle each other's genitals, and engage in oral sex before having intercourse. Afterward, you can go back to oral sex or try different positions. Remember, every sexual activity is a part of loveplay, not just a prelude to intercourse.

It's a common desire among women for men to understand that sex is most enjoyable when it involves the whole body, not just the genitals. While the genitals are important, the rest of the body is equally significant. The entire body can be a source of sensuality, and the best sexual experiences involve stimulating every inch of it.