We’re here to provide you the popular realistic sex doll torso.

HoneyKissme is driven by a threefold objective: to manufacture high-quality sex toys for men, to guarantee a realistic and satisfying experience, and to advocate for safe and healthy sex practices.


HoneyKissme is owned and operated by UC Global Trade Inc., and is part of an international enterprise specializing in the sex toy industry. Our company is geared toward contributing to the sex-positive movement through the products that we put out in the market. Long gone are the sleazy sex toys that do not really cater to the user’s experience. With our long-standing history and our team of experts, we have mastered our craft, well enough to create thoughtful and exquisite products. 

We are solving the problem

For a long time, the use of full-size doll is hard and expensive. Besides, the male masturbator is unreal as a lady. This is something that our company is adamant about changing. We are exploring one’s sexuality with the aid of sex doll torso. We firmly believe that this attitude will give rise to safer sex practices and more gratifying sexual experiences. That is why we design and market our products with these principles in mind. When it comes to quality, we deliver what is promised. Our products speak for our company and we take pride in each and every one of them. We test each product for durability and safety before handing them to you. Furthermore, to give our customers confidence in our company, all of our products come with a one year warranty. And in the case that our products do not meet your expectations, we will happily assist you with your concerns.

We Want You Safe and Satisfied 

In production, we carefully plan and execute every design. Making sure that the measurements are accurate and the technology is risk-free. That no butt plug is too wide to wreck your anal sphincter and no penis ring is too tight to strangle your member.
You may have heard of those horrifying sex toy stories. That is our nightmare! Which is why we take your safety very seriously. We make sure that explaining to an ER nurse why your penis is purple remains a campfire tale and not your Friday night.
We also take pride in using medical-grade and body-safe materials. Most of our products are made from TPE material, which is non-porous, which makes the toys easier to clean and less susceptible to fungal and bacterial contamination.
We give your safety with utmost consideration, and we hold that safety is a prerequisite for having a fun sexual experience. Nevertheless, we do not compromise on designing our toys for absolute satisfaction.

We Pursue Sensational Orgasms

We have a selection of different sex toys, tailored to fulfill diverse preferences. We recognize that a more realistic experience with your sex toy means a more intense orgasm, like with using a sex doll. Hence, we use materials and configurations that make this possible. Specifically for our sex doll torso line, we use TPE since the material feels the closest to what human skin feels like. And regarding the texture of the orifices of the sex dolls, we make sure that they are textured to feel like the real thing.

Many studies have shown the innumerable benefits of having an orgasm. It allows for better sleep, reduces stress, and helps improve overall well-being. And even without these health benefits, orgasms are undeniably magical, and at the same time, a very raw and instinctual humane experience. Which we want you to enjoy with the aid of our toys.

We Encourage Curious Desires

We go beyond getting the job done. We want you to truly enjoy the experience with our toys. We have imagined the kinks and fantasies that our customers may enjoy, and accordingly fashioned our toys to satisfy these kinks. For instance, we have a couple of butt plugs attached with beautifully-tailored tails, and butt plugs with jewels attached to the base.
Moreover, sex toys provide an extraordinary opportunity to explore the sexual desires that you have always wanted to try but have not found a willing partner to try it with. For example, you’ve always wondered what anal sex feels like. You can safely do it with your sex doll torso to see if it is for you, and if so, to prepare for the real thing.
In essence, we encourage you to experiment, and find out what turns you on and what feels good for you. This is perfectly normal and healthy. And, you are afforded the freedom to try these healthy curiosities without judgment.


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