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Pre-cum/Pre-ejaculate? What to expect

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An orgasm or release of semen is usually preceded by something. This “something” is called pre-cum or pre-ejaculate. 


By definition, pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is a small amount of fluid that leaks from the penis when a man is turned on, but before ejaculating semen. It is formed by the accessory sex glands.


Pre-cum does not contain any sperm. However, according to HealthLine, it seems sperm can leak into pre-cum and possibly lead to pregnancy.


What Is Pre-cum?

Pre-cum is produced in the Cowper’s glands and is made up of protein, enzymes, and mucus. In its purest form, pre-cum does not contain any sperm whatsoever. It may be good to note that pre-cum can be contaminated by sperm during sex in some instances.

An important function that pre-cum carries out is that of helping the urethra prepare for ejaculating semen. Just in case you skipped bio class in high school, the urethra is the tube that transports sperm and urine. 

Pre-cum, therefore, helps prepare this tube to release the “soldiers” as a man gets closer to the point of climax.

According to Dr. Peace Nwegbo-Banks, pre-cum helps make the urethra less acidic and therefore more conducive for sperm cells to pass through without being affected. 

Pre-cum also functions as a natural lubricant for sexual activity, similar to arousal fluid in women. This helps to reduce friction during intercourse, therefore, making it a pleasurable experience rather than a painful one.

This however does not mean simply relying on pre-cum as lube for smoothing out sexual intercourse and penetration. Vaginal arousal fluids are normally the best way to lube the vagina and penis for a freaking awesome time under the sheets.

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Is There Sperm In Pre-cum?

The pre-cum fluid does not contain any sperm at all, however, sperm can leak into it as it travels down the urethra. If the urethra contains residual sperm from previous ejaculation, this residue can be released with pre-cum.

Dr. Hsieh claims that normal semen fluid from ejaculation contains over 40 million motile sperms, and the pre-cum fluid has anywhere from zero sperms to less than 5 million. 

Research on whether or not pre-cum can get a woman pregnant is limited, however, a 2016 study on sperm count in pre-cum found motile and healthy sperm in about 17% of the participants. 

Another 2021 study did not quite uncover anything conclusive as to whether or not there is motile sperm in pre-cum. Doctors and scientists still need more time and research to come up with a concrete conclusion on this matter. 

When Does Pre-cum Occur?

Similar to ejaculating, pre-cum is something you can’t control.

The release of this fluid is an involuntary bodily function that occurs just before you release those manly juices inside her coochie. 

This essentially means that once it’s about to happen, it’s going to happen without your consent or control.

This lack of control over pre-cum is what causes (according to others) unintended pregnancies. This is especially true for those who practice the pull-out method. 

Just in case you live under a rock, or for some reason you just don’t know, the pull-out method is when a man pulls out his penis from inside the vagina right before cumming.

Now let’s see whether or not pre-cum can cause pregnancy.


Can Pre-cum Cause Pregnancy?

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It seems most people think that pre-cum can never cause pregnancy, however, facts seem to state otherwise. 

Due to the fact that pre-cum does not contain any sperm in its purest form, many people have always thought one can never get pregnant from pre-cum. 

However, as it has been proven that sperm can sometimes leak into pre-cum, pregnancy could just be a possibility in the case where pre-cum enters the vagina. 

A 2013 study showed that 41% of the people surveyed had traces of live sperm in their pre-cum, although only 37% contained a proportion of motile sperm that could lead to pregnancy. This is what makes the pull-out method extremely risky for those unintended to get pregnant.

Another 2017 study showed that 20% of people who practiced the pull-out method ended up with unintended pregnancies. This further solidifies the fact that pre-cum could very well lead to pregnancy in some cases. 


Is There Any Way To Avoid Pre-cum?

Pre-cum can not be prevented or avoided as it is an involuntary bodily action that occurs without our control or consent. 

Wanting to stop pre-cum is like using toilet paper to try and stop water from flowing, it’s just impossible.

A way to prevent pre-cum is only preventing it from entering the vagina by wearing a condom during intercourse. 


How Much Pre-cum Does The Body Produce?

Just like anything, there’s no one size fits all and there is no normal or abnormal when it comes to pre-cum. Most people leak about 4ml of pre-cum on average. 

The amount of pre-cum produced and released by men differs from man to man and can be affected by different factors.


Can Pre-cum Cause STIs?

Pre-cum can actually cause STIs. How does this work? 

So pre-cum is a bodily fluid which means it can carry viruses, bacteria, and other substances that can cause STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, or even HIV.

The W.H.O says that pre-cum can spread STIs such as chlamydia, hepatitis B, and others. The Lancet also has studies that show that pre-cum can be a vector for spreading STIs. 

So apart from potentially causing pregnancy, pre-cum can also spread infections that could screw you over. Practice safe sex and play it safe out there! One of the safest ways is to wear a condom. 


If You’ve Been Exposed To Pre-cum, Do This

In the case that you and your partner have decided to go raw (without a condom), and you’re exposed to pre-cum inside your vagina try the following to ensure you’re safe: 

  • Get tested for any STIs (if you’re unsure of your partner)
  • Consider emergency contraceptives (better safe than sorry)

The best solution though is to simply play it safe by using condoms. Remember prevention is better than cure. 



Q: What is pre-cum?

A: It is a male fluid released during sexual arousal just before ejaculation.

Q: Can I get pregnant from pre-cum?

A: Highly likely yes. However sometimes not always. Refer to this for more info.

Q: Can pre-cum spread STIs?

A: Yes. Pre-ejaculate can give you sexually transmitted infections

Q: When does pre-cum occur?

A: During sexual arousal prior to ejaculation.

Q: How much pre-cum is produced?

A: At least 4ml on average according to studies.



Well,there are some key points to keep in mind. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is a fluid that men release during sexual activity and arousal, and on average about 4ml is released.

Can pre-cum make a woman pregnant? Yes, the 2013 and 2017 studies have shown that pre-cum can cause pregnancy since it is possible to have motile sperm leak into it as it travels through the urethra.

This leads to the other important point which is that pre-cum can contain sperm if it leaks in through the urethra. However, in its natural state, pre-cum does not contain any sperm.

Can pre-cum spread STIs? Remember, it is possible for pre-cum to spread viruses and infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and more. So please play safe and condomize when engaging in intercourse. 

Lastly, in case pre-cum enters your vagina (especially when sleeping with an unfamiliar person), please be quick to test for STIs and pregnancy. 


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