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How to Choose the Best Sex Doll Torso - Ultimate Guide 2024

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Masturbating with your stroker or even with your old trusted right hand (or left) will definitely get you to ejaculate. We know that. You know that. We have all been doing it since we’re at the cusp of adolescence. But as we mature in our sexual journey, our needs progresses as well. 

Sometimes, the mechanical pounding of your member is no longer enough. Every so often, we crave the intimacy we get from having sex with another person. Unfortunately, for many of us that option isn’t always up for grabs. So we go to the next best option: sex dolls.

sex toy

Recently, the number of people using sex dolls has exponentially increased especially during the pandemic. This may be due to the loneliness in isolation or the feared health risks of being in physical contact with another human being. But for whatever personal reason people choose to use sex dolls, one thing is for certain - they help to promote sexual wellness and overall wellbeing. According to a study, while a majority of sex doll owners cite sexual gratification as the primary goal for using one, many shared how they form a sense of friendship and companionship with their doll.

Now, when we think of a sex doll many of us picture a full-size one. While this type of sex doll is perfect for mimicking the experience of doing it with another person, owning one is not very practical for some. It can be very expensive for those of us on a budget, and difficult to store for those of us with housemates.

So to rectify these practicality issues of owning a full-size sex doll, we believe a good compromise is to go for a sex doll torso.

What is a Sex Doll Torso?

A sex doll torso is a realistic human torso with detailed body parts to provide sexual pleasure. Depending on the model or type of the toy, it has a varying number of orifices. Some types can have a mouth, vaginal and anal opening. It can also have a nice pair of boobs for some breast play. Some dolls can even have a penis to play with for women or men who like to bottom. 

Basically, it is a full-size doll without the lower half of the body. It functions like one, but is cheaper, lighter and easier to clean and store. 

I admit, the look may need some getting used to but with the ease and convenience of using one, it’s all worth it. After all, you get to imitate the feeling of real-life couple sex without dealing with the complexities of having sexual relations with a real person.

How to Use a Sex Doll Torso?

male masturbator

The way you use your sex doll will highly depend on how you prefer to get pleasure, but here are the basics on how to get the most value out of it. 

Oral, Vaginal and Anal Sex

Depending on the type of sex doll that you choose to purchase, the available orifices for penetration will vary. You can choose to have plain-vanilla vaginal sex if you want. Or, If you’re someone who has never tried anal but is curious of the sensation it’ll give you, you can explore that with your sex doll torso. If you’re someone who enjoys getting blowjobs, go crazy.

You have the freedom to act out your sexual fantasies and be kinky. These realistic dolls are ready for it.

By all means, satisfy your desires through sex play and whatever sexual act thrills you. This is natural and healthy for people. Since, it’s sometimes tricky to find willing partners who enjoy the same sexual urges that you do.

Use of Lubricants and Condoms

Just like with other regular sex toys, using a lubricant will always enhance the experience. But for good measure, opt for water-based lubricants. Most especially for dolls made from TPE and silicone materials, as they are more susceptible to getting damaged.

For condoms, there is definitely no practical use for it but to each his own. If you are someone that gets off better when using one, do as you please.

sex toy

Dressing Up and Accessorizing 

If you haven’t caught up yet, our goal here is to maximize your pleasure. So if dressing up and accessorizing your doll will do that, go for it. If you are into role play, you can buy your doll some cosplay outfits. If it’ll stimulate your imagination, buy your doll some lingerie, swimsuit, dress or any other item of clothing that excites you. Just remember to check the dimensions of your doll so you can buy clothes that’ll fit it perfectly.

Apart from clothing, you can also choose to accessorize your doll with a necklace, bracelet and even a wearable sex toy. You can choose any accessory, really, to add to the doll’s sex appeal. Just look out for some accessories, like a sharp pendant, that may damage your doll. For added stimulation, you can also choose to put a perfume of your preference on your doll.

What Does it Feel Like to Have Sex With a Sex Doll Torso?

For many, having sex with a real person is more than just penetration. And so sex doll manufacturers keep that in mind when they make the toys. While, the main focus is to replicate the sensation of how it’s like for the penis to be inside a real vagina, anus or mouth, the sex doll torso also caters to the other encouragements that one needs when having sex. Like a realistic feel of skin-to-skin contact or the jiggling of the breasts.

For some, kissing a big part of having sex. So for dolls with heads, the lips are made to feel realistic. And so is the sensation of kissing the neck or nibbling the ear of the doll. Another fun feature that many sex doll owners enjoy is the movement of the doll. Specifically, how the doll’s movement synchronizes with the pattern of their thrusting.

Truthfully, having sex with a sex doll torso will not feel exactly the same as the euphoria of having sex with a real person. But it sure is damn close.

How to Choose a Sex Doll Torso?

Set Your Budget

The price of a full-size sex doll averages at $1,200. So if you’re choosing to buy a sex doll torso, you are already getting a great deal for your wallet. 

When it comes to the price of a sex torso doll, it can go as low as to $40 or as high as $1,000. This will highly depend on a number of factors such as the material of the toy and its dimensions, which we will discuss below.

Take into account that how much you spend on your doll will influence the experience that you’ll get from it. Some cheaper options do not replicate the authentic sensation of penetrating a vagina or other openings. They are also more prone to damage and will probably not last you that long. Nonetheless, there are options that are cheap but dependable like our recommendations below. 

Keep in mind that buying a sex doll is an investment in your own sexual pleasure and happiness, so choose one without compromising these things.

Consider the Material

I would say that this is the most important factor to look out for when choosing your sex doll torso. Those available in the market can be made from TPE, silicone, and rubber. Although there are many rubber sex dolls, these usually are of low quality because it’s the cheapest option. They are usually susceptible to wear and tear and will not last you very long. In addition, the rubber doesn’t really imitate what real skin feels like.

If you truly want a realistic experience, opt for TPE or silicone-made dolls. Silicone dolls feel more realistic but are significantly more expensive than TPE dolls. They are also non-porous which makes it 100% body safe. But if you do not have the money to spend, TPE dolls are a good bet as well.

Choose the Appearance, Size and Weight

There are thousands of choices when it comes to the appearance of your doll. There are different sexes, ethnicities and body types to choose from. There are even customizable options if you don’t see anything you like from the readily available ones.

When it comes to the size and weight of the sex doll torso, take note of the dimensions because there are mini versions as compared to the life-size torso. While the miniature ones are very light and easy to store, they don’t feel as life-like when played with.

As for the weight of the dolls, the full size ones can get as heavy as 40kg or 90 lbs. These can be hard to move around and to store, so it’s important to take note of the weight if this is an issue for you.

Types of Sex Doll Torso to Choose From

There are so many variations of sex doll torsos, but for this specific section, We’re classifying the type according to the body parts featured on the doll.

  • Half-Body - this type is exactly a full size sex doll without the lower half of the body. The doll starts from the head and ends after the sex organs. This doll features three main orifices to play with: the mouth, the vagina and the anus. It also has the arms and the breasts to make the experience more realistic.
  • Torso without Breasts - This is a more compact option. It only features the vagina and the anus. This is perfect for those who do not really care for the breasts to get off, and mostly enjoys penetrative sex.
  • Male sex doll torso - This one features male body parts, specifically the penis. While a male doll also has two openings, the mouth and the anus, owners buy them for the riding feature.

Our Recommendations

May has sexy curves, supple breasts, and tight vagina and ass. It’s very affordable for the fun that you can get out of it. May has two openings for vaginal and anal penetration. The canals are textured to provide intense pleasure with every thrust. You can easily use it for both missionary and doggy style penetration.

May is made from TPE material which is safe and soft to the touch. It gives a life-like fleshy feel.

This mini sex doll torso is perfect for those who really want to be discrete. Because of its size and weight, it can easily be handheld. It’s only 11.2*6.7*53 Inches and 5.3 lbs heavy. So it can be easily moved and stored.

May owners particularly liked how realistic it feels to touch and how incredibly built it is. Another owner reviewed how it is holding up well, provided that he’s had it and used it for a while.

Miah is a great starting sex doll for those that want a realistic experience without committing to a full-body doll. The doll has sexy curves, breasts, vaginal and anal openings. It starts from the neck and cuts just below the thighs.

It also has heavily textured canals, ribbed to provide pleasure with every thrust. It’s very luxurious for uninhibited penetrative play. The vaginal and anal openings go up to about 6 and 7 inches.

Like May, it’s also made from TPE material so it’s equipped with the same authentic fleshy feel. It’s 21.65*9*6.7 inches in size and about 20 lbs in weight. So compared to May, it’ll be harder to move during play.

Those who have purchased a Miah recommend it for how real it looks and feels. One reviewer argues that the real selling feature of Miah is that you can have an entirely hand-free experience when using it, which is not very common to most masturbator toys. 

Kimberly is a very simplistic sex doll torso. It’s very compact in that it only features the vaginal and anal openings. It doesn’t have breasts unlike the other two that we have recommended.

The fact that Kimberly is a simpler model of a sex doll doesn’t make it less enjoyable. It has textured orifices to mimic the real sensations. It’s also very sturdy to use because it weighs almost 25 lbs. 

One reviewer praised how realistic it looks as if it’s molded from a real person.

Sex Doll Torso Aftercare

How to Clean It?

Just like with other sex toys, it’s very important to clean your sex doll torso after use. This is to prevent the toy from hosting germs and unwanted bacteria. This is crucial, especially for materials that are more prone to it. 

Usually, the toys you buy will have specific instructions for cleaning it, particular to how the material needs to be handled. But for the toys that we recommended above, cleaning them is very simple. You just have to wash it with fresh water and some neutral soap. After, you wipe it with a soft cloth, and then you let it air-dry. Once it’s completely dry, gently dust it with corn-starch to prevent the skin from becoming sticky.

How to Store It?

Firstly, storing the doll will depend on its size. If you do not have a sizable space for storage, opt for the mini size dolls. For the life-like ones, you can either make space in your closet or find a huge box to store it in.

The position of how you store it matters a lot too. For the dolls we recommend, we advise you to store it in a straight lying position when not in use. This is to prevent the skin sticking together and naturally damaging the toy.

Silicone and TPE materials are also sensitive to temperature, so make sure to store it in a cool and dry place. Remember that with proper care, you’ll extend the service life of your doll.


Now, we've outlined the things to consider in selecting your sex doll torso. It’s time for you to decide on one. Needless to say, we encourage you to buy a quality, dependable and safe doll. And with all of these considered, it all comes down to your preference. 

Choose a doll that will gratify your sexual needs. Ask yourself questions like "what body part stimulates me the most?" or "do I need breast play to climax?".

Ultimately, remember that your goal with buying a sex doll torso is to spice up your sex life and seek pleasure beyond your disposal. So this whole experience should be fun and thrilling. 

Don’t hesitate to explore options you wouldn’t normally go with. Go fulfill your sexual fantasies not only for your sexual wellness but also for your overall well-being.


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