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Best sex doll torso for Men - The beginner’s guide to buy sex doll torso in 2024

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Sex dolls (also referred to as a love doll or blow-up doll) is a life-like sex toy that replicates the size and shape of a particular sexual partner. While it is usually seen imitating an entire body, it can also be a particular part such as a head, vagina, mouth, penis, or breast. It is generally intended to assist in sexual stimulation to help achieve orgasms for all.

Each sex doll also has unique features, some may have mechanical movements such as vibrations or can be customized as to gender, race, body type, and more. Aside from assisting in sexual pleasure, some would consider their love dolls as partners or social companions. Overall, it serves a multitude of purposes while being easy to maintain.

Sex torso doll with lovely model

What is a sex doll torso?

A sex doll torso refers to a particular body part compared to a full body one. It usually consists of the chest or breast portions until the vagina or knees. There is also a variety of positioning in terms of the set-up, it can be in a standing position or legs spread out. Similar to other sex dolls, it can also be customized depending on user preferences. Reviews by customers include "It’s way cheaper than a sex doll and provides the same satisfaction."

Considering the price reduction, easier to store, while giving the same satisfying results, it serves as a great option, especially for first-timers looking to start their sex doll journey.

Nick name of sex doll torso.

Sex dolls come in different names in the market, aside from the term "sex doll", you will most likely encounter similar nicknames such as "love doll", "blowup doll", or even "fuck doll". In most cases, these refer to the same items as a sex doll.

However, these terms are usually for identifiers in the market. Once you have your own, you can give it any name or nickname of your choosing. Usually, individuals would like to give unique names to their sex dolls to give it a personality or identity. 

Why you need a sex doll torso.

Sex doll torsos can help individuals from a mental, emotional, physical, and even health standpoint. In this section, here are the different reasons why you might want to consider getting a sex doll torso.

Stronger Immune System

Whenever you ejaculate, the seminal path passes through ducts that help remove external bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that individuals with multiple orgasms also have a high level of immunoglobulin (IgA) which is our body's primordial defense against the common cold and cases of flu.

Less Risk of Prostate Cancer

 A research that was published in 2003 pointed out that men who have used sex dolls had an improved protective effect when it comes to risks of prostate cancer. The basis of this study is due to the fact that sex dolls have helped increase ejaculation leading to a rise in the overall maintenance and prevention of the illness.

Sleep Improvement

There are a lot of reasons for having trouble getting a good night's sleep. Luckily, with a sex doll, it can also contribute to overall better sleep. This is because whenever you have an orgasm, you also release oxytocin and vasopressin that aids in helping you get better sleep. There are also benefits when it comes to sexual pleasure on a hormonal level that results in quality rest, relaxation, and an increase in mental satisfaction.

Is it worth it or not?

The prices of sex dolls vary depending on the material, quality, and size of your choosing. While some start at $50, the price for premium crafted ones can sometimes reach beyond $400. The worth of it will mainly depend on how much it impacted you in a certain way. Some reviews mentioned that:

I basically just wanted a girlfriend that could deal with my disability and wasn’t fat. After years of trying and endless rejection, I decided to get a doll.” - Joseph

I just got tired of being alone. Most of the women I went out with got pissed when race season got here and I went to work on race cars on most weekends. And I don’t want all the head games that real women bring with them.” - Marcus

I wanted a companion. That I can hug into sleep. Or not feel lonely when I play computer games. I find her too cute. ” - Peter

From these reviews, it seems that sex dolls are definitely worth it as one purchase can seemingly help improve different aspects of human needs whether companionship or sexual pleasure. Hence, it seems that its worth will be based on what your intentions are and how are willing to let your sex doll contribute towards your intended uses.

How to choose your best doll?

Selecting the best sex doll may be a difficult task, especially for first-time buyers. With so many choices available with each having its own unique components, here are some aspects to help guide you in finding the best sex doll for you.

● Material

There are two types of materials predominantly available in the sex doll industry: molded dolls and Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE dolls.

TPE dolls are made from a mix of polymers that has both plastic and rubber qualities. This material can expand up to 5.5 times its length. This quality adds to the softness and suppleness of the sex doll. It is more flexible when it comes to the positions you can do and is more realistic compared to silicone.

Molded dolls are usually made from silicone. Compared to TPE, the shape is fixed once the mold has cured. It is also rubber-like, similar to TPE. However, the difference when it comes to silicone is it can maintain its shape despite receiving extreme pressure. Unlike TPE, it also does not retain any humidity and is resistant to easy cleaning.

● Size

One of the more important considerations is also storage. While you can easily determine the size of your ideal love buddy, the afterthought of your storage options should also be considered. Think about where you will place the item after use, usually, a sex doll torso can be 82cm long. Make sure you also check the weight of your selection, the last thing you need is a heavy item that is hard to bring in or store.

● Shape & Figure

Since you're looking for your ideal doll, think about what your preferences are. Which part turns you on more? Most of the time, there are varieties and different sizes for each of the body parts available. Don't compromise on your preferences, think of it as your investment as well.

Advantages of a Torso Sex Doll

● Smaller than most sex dolls

Considering that storage must also be a basis of your choice, a benefit when it comes to a sex dolls torso is that it is much more compact and easy to store. It does not take up much space compared to a life-like model making it much more convenient to use.

● Budget-friendly alternative

Since you're getting a much smaller item, the price is definitely lower compared to other models. This is great, especially for first-time buyers who are interested in learning more about the feel and the sexual pleasure it can give.

● Easy maintenance

As the parts of the sex doll torso are much limited since it does not have any head or legs, maintenance and care are limited to the openings available. Just make sure to hygienically and properly clean up your dolls every time.


Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy with Realistic Tight Vaginal Anal Opening for Male Masturbation

Our recommendation for those starting out in using sex doll torsos, May - Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy, is a 3-in-1 sex doll that reproduces a petite buttock while highlighting the sexy & attractive curves and a tightly shaped ass. It features two openings: vaginal and anal. Both openings are heavily textured to maximize sensation for each movement that you make. It is made from TPR material that makes it soft and safe for consistent use. The item is just 5.3lbs making it an ideal choice for storage purposes.

Male Masturbator Sex Doll Realistic Butt Pussy Ass with Vaginal Anal Sex Stroker

In terms of positioning, Kimberly is ideal for those looking to try a doggie-style-like experience. The vagina and ass masturbator also highlights each thrust that you make. The item is well crafted to ensure tightness and softness, especially in the vagina and ass openings. What makes Kimberly different is it weighs in at 23.3lbs, making it a sturdy companion for lifelike play.

How to Use a Torso Dildo

A torso dildo is similar to your sex doll torso but the main difference is that there is a dildo attached to the torso to further create a realistic sexual partner. In using a torso dildo, an important aspect to consider is to make sure that you place it in a suitable and convenient location. Usually, users opt for the bed for added comfort. In terms of positioning, you can lay it down or just stand upright. But as long as you place it on a sturdy surface, you'll have no worries when it comes to using it.

What Kind of Lube to Use

Since there will be penetration involved, it is always important to make sure that lube is available. A lubricant will definitely reduce friction eliminating any pain or discomfort as you use your item. Usually, TPE or silicone compatible lubes are preferred to avoid any potential damage to your sex doll torso. Our recommendation would be to use a water-based lubricant as it is easily accessible and is compatible with most materials.

How to Take Care of a Torso Sex Doll

In terms of taking care of your torso sex doll, we cannot stress enough the amount of cleaning that must be done both before and after using it. One quick way is through the use of a damp cloth mixed with soap and water to easily clean and remove any foreign elements.

Bacteria can potentially grow if you leave your torso dildo unclean. This can not just destroy your sex doll, but can also cause affect your health if left untreated.


A sex doll torso not only is definitely a worthy purchase that also comes with tons of benefits ranging from sexual pleasure to companionship. Just like any other purchase, it is essential to take note of the specific qualities and your preferences in finding the best sex doll torso for you.

It is definitely a budget-friendly alternative that gives you the same benefits when it comes to getting orgasms. It's a great step for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Always treat it with proper maintenance and care to help you last a long time.


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