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How To Enjoy Having Sex With A Sex Doll Torso - Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Now that you have already purchased your sex doll torso, what’s next?

Having fun with a sex doll's torso is not at all that complicated. It’s as easy as letting your sexual instincts take over and going along with what feels good. Even so, it’s still important to first know the basics before you have sex with your love doll, for a safe and satisfying experience.

And since we want you to have the best of times, we’ve outlined below the fundamentals, such as how to prep, use, clean and store your sex doll. On top of that, we also included crazy-good tips on how to have a more realistic sex with your sex doll companion.

How to Use Your Sex Doll Torso 101

This is exciting! The wait is over, and you’re stoked to use your sexse toys already. There are just a few tiny things to do before you get on with the sexdoll.

Preparing your sexs dolls

Upon receiving your sex dolls, go to a clean space to set it up. When opening the package, be careful with using a cutter or a knife to open the box as you don’t want to accidentally cut the skin of the doll. Then, place your sex doll on a flat and clean surface. 

Depending on the doll that you bought, you may have to set up some parts before using it. For instance, with a vibrating sex doll, you may have to charge it first. Whatever type of sex doll torso you’ve bought, read the manual for specified instructions.

When the parts are all set up, you may want to clean them with a soft cloth and a toy cleaner spray. Go over all the skin surfaces and the orifices. In addition, you may choose to put clothes or accessories on your doll. And once all that is done, it’s time to have fun with it.

Having Sex with your sex doll torso

Most sex doll torsos are comprised of a set of breasts, and a vaginal and anal opening. With these parts present, having sex with it can be very versatile. You can do plenty of sex play and, of course, penetrative sex. 

If you choose to have penetrative sex, either vaginal or anal, make sure to use plenty of lubricants. We recommend going for a water-based lubricant, since this is safe to use with TPE and silicone materials, which most sex dolls are made of. Once you are lubricated, position your sex doll torso to your liking and go at it. And yes, you may finish inside your doll. This is a very common practice and most dolls are built with that in mind.

Using a condom is also an option. This is actually good practice for hygiene purposes. It makes it easier to clean the doll when you ejaculate inside it. And it is recommended for when you are sharing your sex doll with a sex partner. 

Aftercare and Maintenance

A big part of owning a sex doll torso is cleaning and maintaining it. Keeping your toy clean is crucial in preventing potential diseases. According to Men’s Health and Healthline, reusing an unwashed sex toy can lead to skin and yeast infections. And when the uncleaned toy is shared, it can lead to urinary tract infections and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is especially true for sex dolls since the built-in orifices are warm pockets and susceptible to bacterial growth. 

Now that we’ve established how necessary it is to clean your sex doll, here is how you do it. For regular sex dolls torsos, you can submerge it in water and wash it like how you would wash your body. Don’t use hot water, as this may damage the skin of the doll. Use antibacterial soap and lather it on the skin and inside the vaginal and anal canals. You can also use a sponge, as long as it is soft enough not to damage the skin. Then rinse it with water until squeaky clean.

Use a soft cloth to wipe it, then let it fully air dry. After it is completely dry, use talcum or baby powder for the skin and the orifices. This helps maintain the softness of the skin.

Moreover, storing it properly is key in preventing it from being damaged prematurely. For storage, find a sizable clean space to store it. Make sure that the place is cool and dry. This is especially important for TPE and silicone materials since these are sensitive to temperature. Also, we recommend that you store your sex doll in a lying position, where the joints of the doll are not weighed down. This is to avoid any breaking and damages.

For a more thorough instruction on how to clean and maintain your sex doll, check out this guide.

Best Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll Torso

Now that you know the basics, it’s time for the fun part. Having sex with a sex doll should feel different from masturbating with your stroker. You have all these added parts to utilize and play with, and you should. To do this, here’s a list of things you must try.


Just as with having sex with an actual person, foreplay matters. Foreplay serves a physical and emotional purpose. It helps prepare both the body and the mind for sex, WebMD says. Foreplay also helps develop intimacy during sex, which helps if you want to make the experience more realistic. Better prepare the sexdoll porn with your porn sex doll. Having sex with dolls porn would be a good idea for you to relax. So hurry up and get the sex doll videos.

There are a lot of things you can do with your sex doll torso before penetration. If you’re a boob guy, you may start by fondling the breast of your doll. You can perhaps lick, kiss and suck the neck or the nipples as well. If you’re an ass guy, you may go for a gentle spanking. You may also go for a cunnilingus. There’s so many things you can do, your limit is literally boundless. 

2.Boob Sex

Boob sex is when you press the breasts together and slide your penis in between them as a substitute for an orifice. Boob sex is especially great when you have a big pair of titties on your hands, which most sex doll torso has. If you choose to try this, don’t forget to use lube for a more pleasurable and oozy boob sex. 


This is a classic for a reason, and it is because you can never go wrong with this one. Missionary is an intimate position which can make you feel closer with your doll companion during sex. To get the most of this one, lay your doll on your bed and then prop it up with a pillow on the hip area for easier entry access. Again, use lots of lube!

4.Bent Over/ Doggy

This position is a crowd favorite and one of the classics as well. This is best for when you want a rough and intense stimulation. You can choose to position your sex doll torso bending over on the bed or a raised surface like a table. Prop the behind of your sex doll so that it is on equal level with your crotch. Grip the torso of your doll to steady it and then proceed with thrusting. This gives easy access to both the vaginal and anal canals of your sex doll torso.


Much like with missionary, this position is an intimate one as well. Except, spooning requires way less effort as this is a very comfortable position. Basically, you lay on your side with your doll positioned on her side as well, but facing away from you. Then, you lift one of her legs for easier access to her behind. While thrusting, you can choose to hug your sex doll, which will heat it up with your body to make the sex feel real. This is a great position for both anal and vaginal sex. 

6.Magic Mountain

To do this position, you need a few pillows and then place your sex doll torso on it facing down. Then, you position yourself on top of your doll, facing down as well. This is really nice for thrusting since your weight is supported by your doll and the pillows. If you can’t imagine it, it is basically doggy, but your body is one with your doll. The skin-to-skin connection makes the experience more intimate and heated.

Tips For A More Realistic Sex With Your Sex Doll Torso

Treat Your Sex Doll With Care

Beyond sexual gratification, many sex doll owners find a sense of friendship and companionship with their sex dolls, according to a study. And we believe in how this benefits the sexual well-being of the doll owner. 

Treating your sex doll as you would a living sexual partner, as opposed to seeing it as an inanimate object, helps with arousing not only sexual but emotional feelings as well. 

Warm Up Your Sex Doll

This is another great tip that is overlooked by many. Heating up my sex doll makes it seem like you are not sleeping with a cold, dead body. It gives the warmth that you usually get from being intimate with a real person.

Now there are a number of ways to do this. You can heat up the body of your sexs doll by using an electric or heating blanket; this is the best way to go since the temperature is controlled thus avoiding any damage to your doll. But if you don’t have that option, you can also heat her up by giving her a warm bath. Again, just be careful not to make the water too hot, which shall be under 104°F.

Apart from heating up the skin, warming the vaginal and anal canals of your sex doll torso makes penetrative sex more realistic and pleasurable. To do this, you can purchase a warming rod from your favorite sex toy shop and insert it in the orifices before using. Another way to do this is by using a warming lube. Warming lubes usually have menthol and camphor in them, which gives the warming effect.

Use Powder on Skin

We’ve mentioned that putting talcum or baby powder on your sex doll’s skin helps prevent premature damage. But there’s more to that. Many sex doll owners report that applying powder on the skin of your doll makes the skin feel more like human skin. And this is especially true for dolls made from TPE materials. If this is something you’re interested in, here’s a great selection of sex doll torso made from body-safe TPE materials.

Customize your sex doll torso

Customizing your sex doll torso with accessories and clothing can make the doll more appealing and consequently, makes arousal easier on your part. If you choose to do this, just make sure that you use light colored clothing, as to not leave stains on the doll. For accessories, choose ones without sharp edges, as to avoid cutting the skin of your sex doll torso. 

In addition, many sex doll users choose to put their favorite scent or perfume on their doll. This helps with masking the plastic smell of the doll. You may also choose to do this to make the experience more pleasant and personal.

Experiment with your sex doll torso

Last but not the least, to make sex more enjoyable, find out what works for you. Even after reading hundreds of reviews, and forums on how you can do this, nothing beats the experience. One main perk with having sex with a sex doll is that it gives you the freedom to try out your sexual fantasies. This is the time to act out the sexual roleplays you’ve been dreaming of. Cause let’s be real, it’s not easy to find a willing sexual partner to do most things. Have you been dreaming of what it feels like to have anal sex? Now’s your time to find out. 

What NOT to do

Now that we’ve discussed everything that will elevate your experience of having sex with your sex doll, it’s equally important to talk about the things you must avoid to not spoil your fun. Without further adieu, here’s the list of things you should not do for your safety and to maximize the lifespan of your sex doll torso:

  • Reusing your sex doll without cleaning it
  • Using a silicone-based lube with a sex doll made with silicone material
  • Leaving your sex doll in a sitting position for too long
  • Using hair dryers to dry your doll after wash
  • Using oils and creams to lubricate your doll
  • Dressing her up in tight fabrics
  • Leaving your doll exposed to high heat or direct sunlight


If there’s one thing you should take away from this guide, it’s that ensuring your safety when having sex with your sex doll torso is key to an enjoyable experience. So before anything else, choose a sex doll made with quality and safe materials. Then, put in a good effort in maintaining and cleaning her.

If you have all that prioritized, the fun part is easily guaranteed.


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