Sex Position of the Week: All Tangled Up

Tom and Jerry, Coffee and donuts, Red wine and steak – some things are just made to be together. 

But perhaps nothing fits together more perfectly than two lovers who simply click. All Tangled Up offers an opportunity to explore intimacy like never before, from gentle, intimate hand-touches to sensual oral licks and kisses, allowing you to experience a deeper connection with your partner.

What is it

This position involves both partners lying on their sides, facing each other, but with their bodies positioned in opposite directions. They then slip their torsos through each other's legs, holding each other closely and creating a locked-in and intimate position. This setup allows both partners to explore each other's bodies with eager anticipation, whether through oral stimulation, gentle fingering strokes, or penetrative sex - the options are endless, and the choice is entirely up to you.

The Beneifits of it

For two lovers who both have vulvas, this position offers a comfortable way to engage in tribbing, as both partners are close together and can stabilize themselves by holding onto one another. Additionally, this position is perfect for exploring anal play, as each person has easy access to their partner's anus throughout the experience. With both partners in control and able to customize the experience to their liking, this position offers a unique and exciting way to experience pleasure together.

Find More Pleasure

Adding toys to your deeply intimate lovemaking session can take the pleasure levels for you and your partner to new heights. A discreet bullet vibe can be easily slipped between your partner's thighs, providing targeted stimulation to enhance the experience. Alternatively, a string of anal beads or a vibrating butt plug can be used to spice things up and set the stage for an exciting and satisfying experience. Whether you're new to using toys or have incorporated them into your routine before, they can add an extra layer of excitement and pleasure to your lovemaking.

Make it Better

Incorporating lubricant into your intimate activities can help reduce friction and enhance the overall experience by increasing glide. This allows you and your partner to rub against each other to your heart's content without discomfort or irritation – you can choose the water-based lubricant to help you. Whether you're looking to try something new or simply want to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable, using lubricant can be a game-changer for you and your partner.