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10 Best Sex Doll Torsos You Must Try in 2022

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So maybe you’re looking to buy the best sex doll torso but don’t have a clue as to what separates a mediocre model from a premium adult sex toy companion. If you’re reading this, then you can let out a sigh of relief- we’re here to guide you from start to finish so you can buy the best sex torso you’ve been wet-dreaming about for weeks.

A sex doll torso is similar to a sex doll, but with a few differences and advantages (more on this later). You get the best parts, e.g., the vagina, the anus, and the boobs that you can feel or play with. Nowadays you can choose from many types of sex torsos, including a black sex doll torso, a sex doll torso with head, a silicone sex doll torso, a thrusting sex doll, a real doll man, or a bottom half sex doll, just to name a few.

Are you ready to make passionate love with a sex doll torso? Let’s dive into the best sex torso dolls on the market.

10 Best Sex Doll Torsos for Men & Women

1. Nora - Sex Doll Torso with Big Tits Ass Pussy Anal for Male Masturbation

Nora is the sex doll that can do it all, whether you’re into tight penetration or impromptu boob jobs. It’s one of the best sex doll torso choices around, catering to a wide variety of men’s pleasures and fantasies.

Everything that you can do with a real girl you probably can do with Nora. Set her down, spread her legs wide, and do a missionary until cum, or down on her back with a doggy-style play. The torso sex toy is maneuverable enough that you can set her down without detracting from the experience, and she’s tight enough on both ends that you’ll feel like your fucking a real pussy.

There’s enough detail to make the sex doll torso worth your money, including intricate texture and folds along the ass and vagina. Nora’s flesh is made from real feel material, which is soft and stretchy like human skin. Speaking of which, the torso sex doll’s vaginal opening is a generous 6.9 inches in length, while the ass opening is a bit shorter at 5.7 inches.


  • Water-submersible for steamy sex in the shower or bathroom
  • Real feel material makes the experience all the better
  • 39D breast cup should satisfy boob enthusiasts


  • Boob job is not as good as other sex torsos on the list

2. Aply - Automatic Sucking Vibrating Sex Dolls 3in1 Realistic Sex Doll Torso for Men Masturbation

If you’re looking for a high-end lifesize sex torso with extra bells and whistles, then Aply is the right girl for the job. At first glance, the vibration feature may seem like an extra option but it’s a whole new world the moment you complete your first thrust!

Power Aply up and you’ll experience an extra depth of pleasure, courtesy of the vibrating and sucking motions. Inside is a metal frame or ‘skeleton’ that allows you to position the male masturbator torso how you want it, and there’s a remote control so you can use your hands to adjust how Aply sucks or vibrates.

During play, you’ll have a certain amount of freedom on how you want to finish- on her ass, vagina, or shoot your load up the sex toy torso’s ample chest. Aply’s breasts are nice and round, and you should be able to grab a handful no matter your preferred position.

Unlike other torso love dolls, Aply has an automatic cleaning mechanism which makes owning a sex doll that much easier. The touch and feel, as well as her weight, are super realistic, and her measurements are similar to a real woman’s.


  • The vibrating and sucking feature is a must-experience
  • Superb texture and sex feel
  • Automatic cleaning for added convenience


  • Some aftercare is still needed

3. Yolanda - 6LB Sex Doll Male Masturbator Pocket Pussy Ass Male Sex Toys for Men Masturbation, 3-in-1 Female Torso Adult Love Doll

Yolanda is an upgraded form of fleshlight and belongs to the torso fleshlight category. At just 6 pounds, the smallish appearance might throw you off a bit, but then you probably won’t go back to plain old vanilla masturbators ever again, thanks to its 3-in-1 function.

The scaled-down cheap sex doll torso can accept three types of penetration- anal, vaginal, and between Yolanda’s breasts. You’ll love the fleshy folds swallowing your penis and giving you a unique sensation every time you enter. What’s more, you can set Yolanda down on a surface and fuck away, something that you won’t be able to do with a traditional fleshlight.


  • A cost-effective sex doll torso
  • The vaginal canal and its folds are super nice and pleasurable
  • You can use Yolanda in hands-free mode


  • Water-based lubricant is a must

4. Natasha - Shemale Sex Doll for Men Transsexual Adult Toy with Tight Anus Huge Dildo, Masturbator for Women Gay Couples

Natasha fills a special niche very nicely and can serve as both a male and a female sex toy. On one hand, you have a male torso with penis, or a penis torso as you will, and on the other, you have a perfectly serviceable male sex doll torso with a tight anus.

The sex torso with penis has a 6.7-inch cock that’s ultimately flexible and can be brought into multiple positions. You can sit on it or have it ride you in the back; alternatively, you can play with the male torso sexdoll as you would a real cock while getting pleasured by your partner for a pseudo-threesome. The ass is really tight and offers a superb sensation upon entry and when you want to fuck until ejaculation.


  • Great for dual play with gay couples and lesbians
  • Doubles as an excellent, hands-free dildo
  • Having a threesome with multiple positions is possible


  • You might need to experiment a bit to get the best position

5. Kiki - Lifelike 3D Sex Doll Male Masturbator Toy with Big Tits Ass Pussy Anal Love Doll

While legs in sex torsos are not a strict requirement, it’s a welcome addition for those who want to cling onto those limbs as they play with their sex toys. Kiki is one of the best lifesize sex torsos around, and her features will make you want to ravish her again and again.

TPR material comes out to play and delivers a natural, realistic skin-like feel on every sexual encounter. The term ‘juicy’ comes to mind as you enter Kiki’s pussy- it’s tight, wet, and has those extra folds along the outside to make you feel like it’s the real thing.

Speaking of which, Kiki’s curves are to die for, and you can turn her around and give her the anal business, in itself a whole new experience. The feel is actually different depending on the hole you enter, and you can even do a boob job if the urge presents itself. Fitting in a sports bra is possible, as well as having her wear lingerie or g-string panties for that extra eye candy.


  • Legs for visual stimulation and when you want to grab onto something
  • Accommodates dog style and missionary positions
  • You can dress Kiki up if you want


  • A bit heavier than a silicone sex torso without legs

6. Zenobia - 29.76LB Female Half Torso Sex Toy

Zenobia is quite literally a heavy hitter in terms of weight and realism. At nearly 30 pounds, there’s plenty of heft to give you a perfect sexual experience and when you just want to mindlessly bang a pussy without the torso flying out of your hands.

Her 34C breasts are amazingly crafted in a way that you can always cop a firm handful anytime. Zenobia’s hips are a bit bigger but she’s curvy in a way that’s more appealing. The half-torso sex toy also has a cute bubble butt that moves along with your thrusts and works in either anal or vaginal penetration.

If you’re in the market for a life size sex torso, Zenobia is your girl. What’s amazing is that her pussy feels perfect, and you can position her in your favorite stance and she won’t complain. Add her to the next bedroom session with your partner and sparks will surely fly!


  • The most realistic sex doll torso on the list
  • Excellent maneuverability and positioning
  • Vagina and ass feel extremely satisfying


  • Might be too heavy for some

7. Darcy - Life-Sized Sex Doll Male Masturbators Toys Realistic Butt Pussy Ass Male Sex Toys for Men

Meeting Darcy is like going to heaven and seeing the girl of your dreams. You won’t ever tire of having one-night stands or shooting a porno video with this amazing doll sex for men. She also has a unique feature that may very well put her in your ‘favorite’ status of women to fuck.

Two things stand out with Darcy the sex doll- the realism of her skin and her huge, rounded buttocks. She has that textured surface, and the right amount of skin pigmentation to fool anyone into thinking that she’s a real person. Technically speaking, Darcy sports a 1:1 scale which means she’s modeled after the female physique. That, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy your doll.

Now, let’s get to the juicy part- Darcy’s butt. She will literally blow you away to kingdom cum the moment you enter her from behind. She has that amazing ass you’ll want to play with over and over. Imagine fucking, doggy style, and being able to slap them cheeks whenever you want, with a bonus of seeing it jiggle and move with every thrust. It’s definitely a must-buy for those who are into plump asses.


  • Great detail on the ass and skin
  • Darcy’s butt is twice as big (and as nice)
  • 1:1 scale for extra realism


  • You won’t likely go back to vanilla masturbators again

8. Nikita - Sex Doll Male Masturbator with Torso, 3 in 1 Realistic BBW Vaginal Anal for Men Masturbation

Nikita is that petite nymphomaniac you’ve been wanting to fuck for years. She has small but ample breasts, slim but firm hips, and an amazing pussy to die for.

Measuring 33-20-35, this sex doll torso is made for that teen or Asian roleplaying scenario. Nikita is the perfect accompaniment for those nights when you wish you have a sex slave by your side. She can bend over or spread her legs on a whim, and you can bang her whenever you want.

That 33-inch breast has a surprising amount of hold and volume, and you can grab her waist for extra pleasure. TPR material is the best of both worlds in terms of feel and maintenance. This is the ultimate sex doll for man if we ever saw one.


  • Has volume and curves at the right places
  • Excellent detail on the breasts and vaginal opening
  • Realistic 1:1 scale


  • She’s extra tight on first penetration; use a lubricant

9. Jorika - Automatic Sucking Vibrating Sex Doll Realistic Sex Doll Torso for Men Masturbation

A true sex machine in every sense of the word, Jorika has that automatic sucking function that will literally pull you in and never let go. She’s a dominatrix and will do everything in her power to please you, but be careful what you wish for because she’s willing to ride you for hours!

Jorika is a love doll torso with vibrating and sucking features. Instead of wired charging, she comes with magnetic charging and a remote so you can just press a button and sit back to start receiving pleasure. All other sexual aspects are superb, too. The sex doll bottom can be penetrated two ways (anal and vagina), and Jorika’s breasts are there to fuck or fondle.

All in all, you can have nine unique experiences when you take Jorika for a spin.


  • Vibration and sucking options add sexual depth and experience
  • Wireless magnetic charging
  • Automatic cleaning for less maintenance


  • Doesn’t fully clean, so you will need to wash her up every now and then

10. Ingrid - Automatic Sucking Vibrating Sex Dolls 2in1 Realistic Sex Doll Torso

Last but definitely not least, we have Ingrid, a fully-realized sex doll torso with plenty to give. She can do whatever you command, including vibrating (or shaking, if it’s a real girl), or producing a sucking sensation like a girl’s giving you head in a threesome. Ingrid can be that tame, innocent schoolgirl or that sex-starved vixen depending on your sexual preference.

Ingrid is a well-made sex doll torso for men, and she can satisfy in so many ways, thanks to her sucking and vibration features. Her realistic flesh and how it molds to your grip should be felt to believe- it’s soft, supple, and flexible, and if you close your eyes you’d swear that you’re fucking a real person.

If you’d take a closer look at Ingrid’s pussy you’ll find it very similar to a real one, with folds along the opening and a tight texture inside. Take her home and you’ll have a versatile fuck doll that can last for years.


  • The automatic sucking and vibrating function stands out from the crowd
  • Vaginal detail is realistic and has a superb sensation
  • Good heft, weight, and maneuverability


  • You can’t charge and bring her to the shower at the same time

Sex Doll and Sex Doll Torso Comparison - How Are Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Torsos Different?

To put it simply, a sex doll torso is a more compact and condensed version of a sex doll. In the things that matter most in a sex toy though, they’re pretty much the same.

With a sex doll, you get a full-size replica of a real girl, including her arms, legs, and feet. The doll will be able to sit, stand or bend over, like a mannequin if you will. You can dress him or her up and set them up as if they’re living in your home.

A sex doll torso, on the other hand, is a torso with an anus, vagina, and breasts. Torso sex doll for men may come with thighs or a head, but that’s it. They’re more compact, maneuverable, and portable, which means you can transport them from one room to another (or even another house) without lugging too much weight.

Best Sex Doll Torsos FAQs

How to use a sex doll torso?

There’s really no correct way to ‘use’ a sex doll torso, other than making sure you don’t damage it in the process. The instruction manuals for these sex toys are pretty simple- just use them as you would fuck a real person. That means penetrating from behind or up front, massaging the breasts, or grabbing the hips as you cum to completion. Be gentle, rough, or passionate- this sex toy is yours to control and command.

How to choose the best sex doll torso?

That depends on what you want to get out of a torso sexdoll. Some of the most popular features include tight and realistic vaginal flesh, big butts, and DD breasts. Innovation has led to vibration and sucking sensations, in themselves adding to the depth of pleasure a male masturbator torso provides. Of course, there’s also the matter of budget and skin realism. The bottom line is that you should know what you want in a sex doll torso so you can get maximum enjoyment out of it.

What does a sex doll torso feel like?

The best torso love dolls will feel like you’re really fucking a woman in your bed. In some ways, their vaginas will feel like a virgin’s, giving you that tight sensation you’ve been chasing for years. Modern sex torsos will have two openings, with each one providing unique stimulation. If you want to get something extra, then a sexdoll masturbator with sucking and vibration function is what we’d recommend.

How do I clean my sex doll?

The best way to clean your sex torso doll is to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. They should come in with every box or package- make sure to read them thoroughly so you can gain a better understanding of how to make your sex torso toy last longer.

How to keep my sex doll torso after using?

The question is, where do you keep your sex toys? They pretty much belong there, or in any space in your room that’s cool and dry. You should clean up your sex doll torso for men first before you put them away so you can reuse them when the urge arises.

Do I need to apply lubricant before having sex with a torso?

In nearly every sex torso doll, yes. These vaginal and anal openings will need to be in a ‘wet’ state, which means you should apply lubricant in ample amounts before you can slide your cock in. Alternatively, you can put some lube in your penis, do a couple of strokes to get it hard, then proceed to make love with your favorite sexdolltorso. Lube makes the experience with a real doll torso much better than doing the ‘high and dry’ approach.

Does a sex doll replace a real woman?

Yes, if you want them to. It’s all up to you, really. A sex doll can be a safe third wheel in a relationship, or a replacement if you want something to fuck. Those who want to do the down and dirty without the complicated ritual of going to a bar or club for a hookup can simply buy a female sex torso or a male sex torso (depending on your preference) and lube up.

Let Your Inhibitions Out and Buy the Best Sex Doll Torso Today

A realistic sex torso, or tpe sex doll torso brings a whole new way to play in the bedroom. Whether you’re into a male torso sex doll for women or want to use torso fleshlight for a quickie, you likely won’t run out of options in your quest to find the best torso sex doll.

Doll sex for men is quickly becoming a popular niche, so get your mini torso sex doll today and join the crowd!


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