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Roleplay 101 - Why You Should Try Roleplay Sex Today

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As strange as it may sound, roleplaying in the bedroom has the potential to be the best sex you’ve ever had. Stepping outside the norm and living out a fantasy you’ve recently dreamed or fantasized about can truly take your relationship to the next level.

Now if you’re curious about this new thing, you’re probably wondering, ‘how to start role-playing with your partner?’ as well as wanting to find out, ‘what are good ideas for a roleplay?’

If this is the case, then let me be, ahem, your teacher and guide you through an awakening you’ve never had before (see what I did there?) Let’s get the class started!

Roleplay Sex

What is Roleplay Sex All About?

It’s highly probable that your first encounter with the word ‘roleplaying’ was when you were about to play an elaborate board game or video game. Heck, acting your character is considered a necessity in Dungeons and Dragons and similar tabletop RPGs. There’s just something amazing about using your imagination to magically transport you to another time or place. Well here’s some good news for you- this excitement also carries to roleplaying in sex.

So, what does roleplaying mean in sex? According to, sexual role-play is a thing where you act out erotic fantasies to achieve mutual gratification (as in you both get sexual release). These scenarios usually involve bondage, servitude, or dominance, though not necessarily in that order. 

Here’s a dumbed-down version of a beginner’s guide to role play- you and your partner act like someone else and do the dirty deed. That’s it. Once you understand that, you can then add elements, like the kind of talk that goes with the role, costumes, and even a setting or a place where you can play it out. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bedroom- you can actually roleplay in a bar, a hotel, or even in the car if you both want to.

Before You Start Roleplaying…Taboo, what scenarios are uncomfortable, etc

Roleplaying may be entirely new to you and your partner, and the things you may learn can be a bit…surprising, to say the least.

As always, there are several safety guidelines you should follow. For roleplaying, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Talk things through before proceeding
  • Agree on a ‘safe’ word so you can stop in time source 
  • Discuss the scenarios you or your partner don’t like, aka taboos

The first thing you should decide as a couple is this- do you both want to do it? Are you open to the sexual fantasy of your partner? Also, which ones are off-limits and make you feel uncomfortable?

Roleplay in sex can be really fun as long as both parties are in agreement. However, if your partner is hesitant or outright says that he or she doesn’t want to do it, then you should let go and reserve it for another time. Don’t pressure or force them to do it, and respect their decision no matter what it is.

What Are Your Innermost Sexual Desires? Roleplaying Scripts and Scenarios

Roleplaying makes everything seem brand new. My personal favorite is the teacher-student scenario, partly because I had a raging crush on my university professor back then (blame it on the hormones). The roleplay with roleplay star and roleplay partner can be a refreshing change of pace and a superb alternative to vanilla sex. You know, the part where the dick enters the vagina repeatedly until both partners orgasm and ejaculate.

Done right, you and your partner will want to do it again and again. What’s more, if you’re tired of the boss-subordinate routine then you can try the hired help-homeowner and see how that feels. As you explore the nuances the only limit will be your imagination. And your personal taboos, of course.

The 10 Most Popular Sex Roleplaying Scenarios You Can Try

The Nurse and Patient

Nurse Joy has always been kind to you, and the fact that she’s got an amazing ass and panties that show whenever she bends down doesn’t hurt either. You can sometimes feel like she’s flirting with you and touching your groin more than she should.

One day, she comes in and her clothes are much tighter than usual. She has several buttons of her nurse uniform undone, and you ogle at the breasts that peek out as she bends over you. She then leans closer and whispers to your ear, ‘I’ve got just what you need- a nice and delicious reward’ as she pulls your pants down.

The Police and Offender

You’re a young and wild teen who’s just learned how to drive, and you’ve been flagged for doing 80mph on a 60mph highway. Your parents will kill you if you lose your license, and your boyfriend will be furious and probably dump you for doing such a dangerous stunt.

As the highway patrol officer stands beside the door, your eyes wander over to his huge bulge. It’s not his fault for having a reaction- after all, you’re dressed like a slut in a super-tight, red mini dress, and you’re not wearing any bra. Then, you have a revelation- what if I could make the trouble go away with a ‘favor’?

The Teacher and Student

You stand outside the faculty room waiting for your teacher to call you. It’s getting dark, and only a few students are left in the hallway. He tells you beforehand that you might fail if you don’t pass the final exam, but you had sex with your boyfriend instead of studying.

As the door opens you can see your teacher staring at your legs and breathing heavily. He says that you will need to bend over and spread your legs wide if you want to have any hope of making the next grade or semester. The thought didn’t repulse you- instead, you start to feel hot and sweaty, and your pussy starts to get wet.

The Neighbor and Peeping Tom

A hot woman just moved into the next house and she’s already proving to be quite an eyeful. You can’t help getting rock-hard whenever you see her outside, because she’s always wearing butt-hugging short shorts and revealing clothes. One time, she went outside with a thong for a bikini, which led you to masturbate and fantasize about how she tastes like.

One day, after she sends off her husband she stares at you in the window and beckons you to go to her house. As you enter you see her wearing sexy lingerie and nothing underneath. She saw you looking and stroking your cock, and now she wants you to fuck her for real.

The Boss and Employee

You’re a hardworking employee working for XXX Corp. Your boss is the CEO’s daughter, and although you’d want to rip into her pussy and give her the pounding of her life, you know you’ll land in trouble the moment you make a move.

One night, you were working late and were surprised to feel a hand on your shoulder. It’s your boss, and she’s looking at you with unbridled lust. Her skirt is bunched up and her supple breasts invite you to come in and enter. It seems that she wants you, but are you willing to risk your employment for a once-in-a-lifetime chance?


You’ve just dumped your boyfriend for playing around with your best friend and are now partying and drinking to your heart’s content. You notice a pair of eyes watching the way you work the dance floor, and you see how he looks like he wants to ravish you then and there.

Picking up the cue, you lift your dress a little bit higher and give him a peek at your panties. He joins you on the floor, and you can feel how hard he is even with a layer of clothing. You can already imagine how you can get revenge against your cheating BF, so you invite him over to your apartment.

Schoolmates or Workmates

It’s the year-end party and you’ve had a little too much to drink. You’re feeling super confident, and then you spot your workplace crush hanging out by herself. Gathering up the courage, you walk to her and start a conversation.

Thanks to the alcohol talking you suddenly both realize that the feeling is mutual. The way she looks is amazing, and you can see her tight curves and face angled toward you. She gives you a lustful stare, and you feel your manhood standing up to attention. There’s a private space nearby where you can ‘talk’, but are you up to the challenge?

Cuckolding/ In a Relationship

Your boyfriend’s best friend is such a hottie, and you make it a point to dress up extra nice and wear sexy clothes whenever he comes along on trips and vacations. Lately, though, your BF is too busy with work and hobbies that he doesn’t see you as often.

A text message comes in- it’s the best friend, and he’s looking to speak with you about getting a gift for his girlfriend. The moment his face comes up in your mind, you start feeling horny. All those pent-up sexual energies have to be released, and why not punish your boyfriend for not spending time with you?


It’s the end of a long week and you’re looking to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. You call in for massage service and get ready with a hot steaming shower. The bell rings, and you open the door to reveal a muscular and dashing young man.

Your heart races, and there’s only a single piece of towel separating you from his caresses. You lie down and feel his strong and firm grip and strokes, and how good it feels along with the oil. Then, you suddenly feel a hand caressing your breast.

The Taboo

The usual ‘taboo’ roleplaying can be divided into several categories- the daddy, the stepsister/stepbrother, the cuckold and rape, among others. Proceed with caution when presenting these ideas to your partner because they may not take to it too well. In my opinion, you should start with the safer experiences, such as the maid/employer or the workmates/schoolmates scenario, which may be the most generic roleplay out there.

Also, it’s important that you’ve already established a ‘safe’ word and have talked things through before trying these out. 

How to Play Out Your Sexual Fantasy

It can be awkward in the beginning when you’re trying to figure out how to ‘roleplay’, or get into the act. However, the good news is that once you’re past the curve you’ll find yourself getting more comfortable and confident as you play along. Here are three tips that can help.

Act the Part

There’s no ‘right’ script when it comes to sex roleplaying, but you do have to act the part that’s assigned to you. If you’re the boss, try to be more assertive and sound authoritative. If you’re a student who’s begging to pass, you’ll need to be submissive and sound a bit scared.

Also, you don’t have to use jargon to convince your partner. Try a simple and straightforward conversation, but do add some naughty bits and lots of moaning once you’re in the second half.

Bring Costumes or Props

The more believable your setting or scenario, the better the role-play and the sexual satisfaction that comes with, say, fucking a cheerleader. Sex is both physical and visual, and the more eye candy you bring in, the more awesome it gets.

Use stereotypes for all your scenes, such as glasses and pencil skirts, and maybe even a necktie or fishnet stockings for an office setting. A schoolgirl uniform, tweed jacket, cop clothes or fireman getup can make a difference between imagining that you’re getting fucked by a total stranger and actually experiencing it, visual-wise.

Read and Watch Roleplaying Audio and Videos

Porn videos can serve as inspiration when you’re trying to get into character. Yes, it may sound like an excuse, especially if you haven’t given your partner a heads up and they catch you, but you’ll be sure to pick up helpful tips and words by watching videos about the fantasy you want. Try to emulate the actors, especially what they’re saying, and then come up with your own lines in the future.

Can You Use Sex Toys in Sexual Roleplay?


 Rahim - Self Thrusting Dildo Machine Remote Control

If the ‘situation’ calls for it, then why not? Sex toys can enhance the atmosphere and allow both parties to take it up a notch. But don’t just throw them in the mix without any careful thought- it has to be integrated into the ‘story’ seamlessly or else the illusion might shatter.

So, if the scene calls for a threesome you can add ‘another’ person by way of a dildo, vibrator or male masturbator. This way, you can really feel as if you’re getting pounded by a rock-hard cock while sucking another man’s dick. Alternatively, you can employ the use of an auto-blowjob machine while eating your partner’s pussy (if it’s an MFF or male-female-female scenario).

You can also add blindfolds, cuffs and maybe even some music to add to the effect. Try to be creative and think outside the box when adding sex toys to your roleplay sessions.

Sex Roleplaying 101 FAQs

What is the point of roleplay?

Roleplay sex gives individuals a chance to act outside of their daily lives, which can lead to a better sex life and relationship overall.

How does roleplay work in bed?

Quite well, actually. However, you won’t need a bed to carry out roleplays- it can be in a bar, hotel, or even on the balcony (for those who want the extra thrill).

How do you roleplay for beginners?

As a general rule for beginners, you should talk things out first and come up with a scenario you’re both comfortable with. Then, fill in the details such as sex toys, the script and your costume. 

What should you not do in role play?

Don’t pressure your partner into doing the things you like, and get consent even before you suggest roleplaying. Also, you should always be mindful of the ‘safe’ word, and stop whenever you hear your partner say it.

Is roleplay healthy in a relationship?

Yes, definitely. When you act out your fantasy you’re sharing your most intimate thoughts with your partner. This strengthens your bond in life and the bedroom. It’s better (and safer) to ‘roleplay’ rather than do it in real life, e.g., have sex with a married man or woman. 

Start Acting Your Wildest Sexual Fantasies Now

Remember how aroused you were when you started touching your sensitive parts at the thought of your boss, teacher or that hot stranger at the cafe? These fantasies aren’t harmful to your health, especially if you decide to continue with your partner. There’s no better time than now to roleplay and experience the benefits it brings.


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