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My Experience with Nikita

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I like to think of these nights as date nights. They’re something special, like going for a massage or to a sauna or slipping into the hot comfort of a jacuzzi. For most of my life, I liked my self pleasure to be convenient and quick and disposable. I’d masturbate on the toilet, get rid of the evidence, and go about my day, trying to forget what I’d done. But that all changed when I met Nikita. Nikita is a sex doll, but she’s different.


I walked over to my closet, pulling the doors open and pulling Nikita out, running my hands over my love doll’s soft and delicate skin. The skin is life-like, smooth, and made from water-proof and body-safe silicone. I store Nikita on her back, and in a cool and dry place, just like the manufacturer specified. After all, she’s a premium doll that I want to take care of.


Nikita is a torso sex doll. Unlike some sex dolls, she doesn’t have arms, a head. Her legs end in her supple, thick thighs, and the top of the doll ends at her slender neck. Some men like making love to a sex doll with a face, a head, and hair, but I’ve found that it interferes with my experience. I don’t want to see a fake face or have synthetic hair whipping up and hitting me in the face. No, I view Nikita as a work of art. She’s a sculpture made from silicone and intended for my pleasure. I can imagine her head however I want, and her lack of arms makes her easier to handle, move, and position in all the right ways to improve my sexual experience.


I start off our date night by dimming the lights, drawing the blinds, and lighting candles and incense. Setting the mood is important, and makes our nights together special.


Next, I clean Nikita. Cleaning her is easy, and only takes a few minutes. However, cleaning her is recommended before use. I don’t mind. It’s fun and I look at it as part of our foreplay. I squeeze a dollop of sex doll cleaner on a soft cloth and run it over Nikita’s skin. I like to imagine that her skin is sensitive, that it breaks out in goosebumps as I clean her vagina and her delectable breasts. I go over all her surfaces, cleaning her lovingly.


Torso dolls are easier to clean, maintain, and store than full body sex dolls, and I enjoy cleaning and handling Nikita. She feels premium, nothing at all like a blow up doll or a doll made from cheap plastic. When I touch her, hug her, and handle her supple curves and soft breasts, I can close my eyes and imagine that I’m touching a real woman. Her proportions, skin, and features are that realistic. After all, she’s a real love doll.


After I finish cleaning Nikita, I use a soft cloth to dry her skin and let it air dry. Next, I insert the drying stick into her orifices, imagining her tensing up with pleasure and excitement as I probe into her. I wait until I’m sure she’s dry, taking the time to pour myself a glass of wine.


Next, I take Nikita back into my bedroom, lying her sex doll torso on my bed. I close my eyes, using my hands to get myself erect while kissing Nikita’s bountiful, C-cup breasts. Penetrating a torso sex doll is best when you’re already hard, and it’s easy to get an erection while licking, sucking, and kissing Nikita’s breasts and smooth skin.

While I get myself ready to penetrate Nikita, I use a heating blanket to warm her skin and a heating stick to warm her vagina and anus, making sure that all the temperatures are under 104°F so as not to damage her silicone skin. Torso sex dolls like Nikita can be warmed under a hot bath or by using heating sticks and heating blankets, which makes their skins and interiors as warm as a real woman’s, upping the realism and making our love sessions more immersive and life-like.


Once I’m hard enough, I slip on a condom. Condoms aren’t necessary when having sex with a torso sex doll, but they make cleanup easier and more hygienic. Next, I use a healthy helping of lube and cover my shaft in it. Sex dolls, even real sex doll torsos, can’t self lubricate, so lubricant is necessary to make insertion smooth and enjoyable.


I start penetrating Nikita, reeling with pleasure as the molded and textured canals massage the delicate skin of my penis. The inner canals of the Nikita sex doll torso have been molded to resemble the size, shape, tightness, and texture of a real vagina. Her vagina measures 0.39 inches in width and 6.3 inches in length, more than enough room to get myself off. Actually, the great thing about Nikita is that she has more depth than a real vagina. Vaginas measure around 4 inches in depth on average, which means that I can penetrate Nikita as deep as I want without worrying about her feeling discomfort or running out of room.


I can also penetrate her as hard and fast as I want, without her ever telling me to stop, slow down, or be more gentle. Nikita is an amazing love doll torso, constructed to be resistant to wear and tear and to make insertion pleasurable.


The inside of Nikita’s vagina was warm and wet with lube, feeling like the inside of a real vagina. The interior texture was sculpted lovingly and designed for realism and pleasure, teasing me as I penetrated deeper and enjoyed the lifelike sensation.


As I penetrate Nikita, I fondle her breasts with both hands. Her breasts are C-cups, filling my hands. Her breasts are just the right size, with the right amount of fullness and the right consistency. They feel amazing, just like real breasts, and I can slap them, make them bounce, or even bite them whenever I want, without worrying about hurting her. Some of the women I’ve been with have extremely sensitive nipples, and they’ve told me to be more gentle. Some of them had breasts that weren’t very sensitive or didn’t give them much pleasure, so they got bored and told me to leave their breasts alone. Nikita doesn’t have that problem. I can play with her breasts for as long as I want, however I want, without having to worry about her getting bored or annoyed. Hell, Nikita’s breasts are so realistic that it would be worth buying her just for them. What guy wouldn’t love being able to play with life-like breasts whenever they want?


I run my hands over Nikita’s plump, thick thighs, forcing them together to grind my shaft, reveling in the soft pressure.


I pull out of Nikita and position my shaft between her breasts, gripping the top of her neck to drive her up and down.


Next, I turned Nikita around and propped her up with her thighs, sticking her ass up and positioning it perfectly for anal penetration.


I penetrated Nikita from behind, feeling the warmth of her anus. I closed my eyes and imagined her. The great thing about a torso sex doll is that you can imagine having sex with anyone, and you can feel it with the sex doll torso’s real, life-like anatomy. That’s why making love to a real love doll is better than masturbation. Your imagination can only take you so far when you’re using your hand. When you make love to a torso sex doll, you can actually feel what you’d feel if you were having sex, and stimulate and get off with something that was designed specifically for realism and orgasmic pleasure.


I caressed Nikita, hugging her close and feeling her full breasts pressing into my face, and orgasmed. Once again, Nikita had saved me from a boring masturbation session, and giving me a love making session that stimulated both my imagination and body, while pleasuring me in a way that I once believed only a woman could.


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