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6 Reasons Why Men Should Buy A Sex Doll Torso (And Our Recommendations!)

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You may have heard about sex dolls and you are maybe curious about what it is, what can it do, and the overall benefits of having one (that is why you are here right now!). Well for starters, sex dolls are life-like sex toys that replicate the size and shape of a particular sexual partner. While it is usually seen imitating an entire body, it can also be a particular part such as a head, vagina, mouth, penis, or breast. In other words, sex dolls quench your longing for sexual intimacy when a real sex partner is an unavailable option!

But what exactly is a sex doll torso and how does it differ from sex dolls?


Sex doll torso VS sex doll

A sex doll torso is basically a sex doll but only involves the human-like torso – including the chest portion and down to the genitals or knees. It is specifically designed to provide sexual pleasure, so a sex doll torso may have breasts for some breast play, a vaginal opening, an anal opening, or it may even a penis for both men and women who like to bottom. There are even a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your body type preference, and some have a vibrator as its function. There are plenty of options to choose from!

Why would anyone choose a sex doll torso over a full-blown complete sex doll? Simple: It's cheaper, easier to clean and store, and it practically serves the same purpose but with few bonuses.

Sex doll torso VS real human

Why would anyone choose to have sex with a doll over a human being?

Answer: Because sex dolls are not complicated like humans. 

Sex dolls are just an imitation of the real thing. It is an inanimate object, therefore it does not have any demands like humans, it does not complain, and it does not question your sex skills! All you have to do is act according to your desires and set it up however you like. Be wild! Don't worry, you cannot offend a sex doll.

Of course, nothing still beats the real, alive human being for a sexual partner. But for those who cannot have a human as a companion, sex dolls are a great alternative. It may not exactly mimic the intimacy of a real human touch, but it is close enough!

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Should Buy A Sex Doll Torso

Aside from being an alternative to a real sexual partner, here are the top 3 reasons why men should consider buying a sex doll torso:

1. Sex dolls can improve your sex life!

A previous humiliating or negative sexual experience might impair your self-esteem, cause anxiety, and bruise your ego. This can severely impact your psychological state, leading to sex-related issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But with sex dolls, you don't even have to worry if your partner is satisfied with you or not! You can even practice your sex skills on a sex doll, which can help you be more confident and prepare you to perform better in your next sexual encounter.

2. You can't get STDs from sex dolls

Sexually transmitted illnesses are spread from one person to another via sexual contact. These STDs are dangerous infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other organisms. While using condoms during sex can reduce the risk of STDs to some extent, you cannot solely rely on these as they are not 100% effective.

That being said, you still have to be extra careful in choosing your sexual partners. But with a sex doll, there is no risk of contracting any diseases because you are the only one who has had sex with her. Furthermore, because sex dolls do not cheat on you with other men, there is no risk of them bringing viruses or infections with them.

(And for hygienic and health safety purposes, we recommend not sharing your sex dolls with others!)

3. Sex dolls help men lower their risk of prostate cancer

Did you know that ejaculating frequently can lower your risk of developing prostate cancer? According to one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men who ejaculated at least 21 times per month can be safe from developing prostate cancer. Using sex toys can help you achieve this benefit more quickly and easily, and using sex dolls i.e. sex doll torsos adds more fun to achieving this goal!

Other benefits of a sex doll torso

● Sex doll torsos are low maintenance

Cleaning sex doll torsos are easier than cleaning a whole sex doll since it is smaller in size and the only areas that you have to focus on are the openings. You don't even have to use any special cleaning agents on sex dolls – just keep them free from any fluid residuals, especially inside the orifices, disinfect them, and keep them dry.

● Sex doll torsos take up less space than regular sex dolls

Since sex doll torsos are just that – torsos – it does not take as much space as a whole-body sex doll. It is much easier to store, which makes it convenient to have.

However, remember that storing your sex doll torsos properly is important so that they won't get damaged easily. Silicone and TPE materials are also temperature sensitive, so keep them in a cool, dry place.

● Sex doll torsos are cheaper than regular full-blown sex dolls

Since sex doll torsos are much smaller, they will be relatively budget-friendly than other sex dolls. This is a great aspect to think over especially if you're just about to buy your first sex doll and test the waters first. But of course, the price still depends on the quality of sex dolls. Cheaper sex dolls may be more prone to damage and may not last long, or they may not replicate the authentic feeling of penetrating vaginal, anal, or oral orifices. On the other hand, a more expensive sex doll can be more satisfying and dependable.

Well, if you're investing in a sex doll, you are also investing in your sexual satisfaction. So why not go for the best sex doll to spend your money on?

Any disadvantage of a sex doll torso?

● Cleaning it is such a chore

Just like any other sex toy, it is important to clean up your sex doll torsos after use. Although it is relatively easier to clean than bigger sex dolls, it is still quite a chore AND a must, or else bacteria will grow in it and it will affect your health and your sex doll. So don't neglect cleaning your sex doll torsos!

● Not recommended if you have housemates or roommates because it is not easy to hide

Not everyone is open to sex dolls, so not everyone (especially your housemates or roommates) may be okay with seeing sex dolls around the house. Although it is smaller than a whole-body sex doll, sex doll torsos are still a challenge to hide than smaller sex toys. So if you're planning on getting one, prepare a good hideout for it!

Where to buy my sexdoll torso

In choosing a sex doll torso, you have to consider your budget, the type of sex doll torso that you need (there are plenty of options!), and even the body type that you want. You can check out our website here and feast your eyes on the many sex doll torsos that we have!

From vibrating sex dolls to sex dolls with a penis, we cover all your sexual needs and desires.

But if you're only starting your sex doll journey and can't choose from our many choices, then let us help you! We present to you our top 3 recommendations – Yolanda, Meg, and Peggy.

Sex doll torsos recommendations


If you're looking for a perfect-size sex doll, Yolanda is a good option to go. It has a 5.1lb of tight ass and measures 11.4 x 5.9 x 4.7 inches. It has 2 heavily textured canals for vaginal and anal penetration, which provide intense sensations with every thrust.  It is made of TPR, which makes it soft and safe for long-term use and delivers a fabulously fleshy feel.

With Yolanda, you can enjoy missionaries and dog styles anytime you like!


If you want a more realistic feel in terms of weight, go for Meg! It is 16.1lb for sturdy, lifelike play scenarios! It also has heavily textured vaginal and anal canals which provide lifelike sensations and accommodate most penis sizes. It has a realistic spreadeagled pussy and ass masturbator for lifelike penetration play! Plus it has squeezable breasts and super-soft, supple skin to grab hold of.


But if you want a medium lifelike sex doll with breasts, vagina, and anus to squeeze and thrust into, then Peggy is perfect for you! Peggy feels lifelike to the touch and is adorned with super realistic detailing including lovely lips and a petite penetrable butt. It is also made of TPR material, making it equipped with the same authentic fleshy feel!

Plus, Peggy is much easier to position in any style you want because it has thighs. It is more submissive and flexible to any sex positions you desire!


Owning sex dolls may not be talked about as openly as we like, but that shouldn't discourage you from buying one! There are many great health benefits of sex dolls and much more perks of owning a sex doll torsos. You just have to choose one that is worth your money.

Whether you're starting out your sex doll journey or shopping for options on sex dolls, it is important to explore your choices and choose the one that you'll never regret!


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