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The Only Sex Doll Torso Buyer’s Guide You’ll Need For the Sex Doll Torso Of Your Dreams

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I’ve always wondered what the deal was with a sex doll torso. I mean, how is having sex with a torso that had no face, legs or hands in any way normal?

That was my assumption until I tried it. And believe me, it was a mind-blowing revelation! I finally understood what the hype was, and why some people choose to get a fuckdoll torso rather than going all in and buying a sex doll.

For one, you get a ‘best of’ version of a sex toy without the literal baggage. You don’t have to wrack your brains trying to figure out where your doll could hang out. Sex doll torsos can literally hide in the closet and come out to play whenever you want. Plus, you can perform just about any dirty deed you want to a torso and it will have more or less the same feel as a full-bodied doll, sans the blowjob of course.

Sex doll torsos are infinitely easier to carry around, and they won’t make you feel like a criminal hiding a body in the trunk when you want to practice public sex or bring your ‘girlfriend’ to the sex toy convention. These things are just some of the few advantages sex torsos have versus sex dolls.

Now, I know what you’re asking- ‘how about the fucking experience?’ Well, the answer is that it’s amazing! The best sex doll torsos will have exquisite nuances and features, including real-feel flesh, accurate anal anatomy and of course, those soft yet sumptuous breasts you can massage for days!

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring innumerable sex doll torsos from top to bottom and in every which way possible. It was an absolute orgy that still resonates with me up until this day (it’s been a month, I think). Every inch, every orifice, and hole was filled in the name of science (and for this buying guide).

Before we get any further, you should already have an idea of what a sex doll torso is. In our sex doll torso buyer’s guide, we’ll tell you what separates a ‘meh’ sex doll from a ‘wow, I want to hit that pussy every day’ torso. I’ll also recommend three of the best sex doll torsos you can buy right now.

Sex Doll Torso Features to Consider

Pleasure Spots

Sex doll torsos are definitely a step above your usual run-of-the-mill fleshlights, pocket pussies and blow-up sex dolls when it comes to the quality of their holes. They’re not just simple holes you can stick your dick into, and the best models will have realistic folds and just the right amount of tightness to make you feel like you’re fucking a wet and horny virgin.

Pay special attention to the ‘pleasure spots’, or the torso’s orifices and how they’re different. Namely, the vagina and the anal holes. How deep can you go, and are they ribbed or have those extra folds of flesh that make penetration very pleasurable? How about that ass? A good sex torso will make you lose your mind and cum when trying anal. It’s supposed to wrap around your cock and offer ‘resistance’, just like in real life.

That said, you should also consider the dimensions of the sex doll torso’s butt and breasts according to your sexual preference. Have you always wanted to bang a bubble butt, or grope fully-mature, double DD boobs? Now you can!

Size and Weight

Do you often feel irrational anger towards people who say that size matters in the bedroom? Well, you can send it right back to their faces by saying a sex torso is only as good as the size you want them to be and enjoy the awkward silence that follows. Anyway, as I’ve recently found out, this feature matters especially if you’re looking to make the most of your sex slave.

You wouldn’t want your partner to be too light that they keep moving out of position, nor too small that it feels weird and like you’re participating in niche porn. You want your partner to hold on and be able to take that pounding, their legs trembling and eyes rolling up in pleasure.

The same applies to a sex doll torso- you’d want a Goldilocks, or someone who’s just the right size. To this end, you’ll want to take a look at the torso’s details, including the weight and scale. Take note that when I say scale, it can be a 1:1 replica of a real person or at least someone who has the right weight for their height.

Sucking and Vibrating

Sex dolls nowadays are nothing like their counterparts 20 years ago. The level of detail, realism, and features are so much more than their plasticky, blow-up predecessors. At the right light, angle and position, sex dolls appear to be real people who want to have a good time.

The same applies to sex doll torso products on the world wide web. Aside from the incredible detail and texture of the vagina (which should be the main selling point, in my opinion), you can get a toy that can vibrate, an extra level of pleasure you can’t get in real life. Plus, that same hole can act as a mouth courtesy of a sucking mechanism.

Now, I know that a sucking pussy is difficult to wrap your mind on, but if you’d close your eyes you’ll feel that someone is giving you the best blowjob of your life. You’d normally have to pay extra for that by getting a blowjob machine, but in this case, it’s part of a sex doll torsos’ bells and whistles.

The Feel and Flesh

Imagine fucking a fantasy celebrity, or your favorite porn star, or JAV idol. In your head, the feel of skin on skin must be incredible, and their ass, thighs, and breasts will make you want to do all the nasty things you’ve dreamed about.

In a blind test, you shouldn’t be able to tell which is a sex doll torso from a real person. Simply put, the torso’s skin should be flawless and feel real, and the ass and boobs must have that perfect ratio of squeezability and volume. The best sex doll torso will want you to slap its butt as you rock it to kingdom come, or do a ‘grab and squeeze’ when you’re in doggy position.

Also, the intercourse should have that same realism as you would when you romp in the bedroom with your partner. You can’t have your sex doll torso feeling like it’s a mannequin, would you?


Last but not least, a sex doll product must be within the ideal price range and budget for it to be considered a good buy. High-end, premium sex toys are always welcome if you have the money for it, but there are those that provide nearly the same value with a lower price tag.

Price can be easily determined by checking the sex toy online. But before that, it’s best to set a budget you’re comfortable with when shopping for the right sex doll torso. Cheaper models tend to give out after a year or so, while the more expensive ones tend to stick around longer than that.

Three Sex Doll Torso Recommendations to Start

Ada - Male Masturbator Sex Doll Realistic Butt Pussy Ass with Vaginal Anal Sex Stroker 


sex doll


Ada is everything you’d want in a sex doll torso because it checks all the boxes I’d want in a sexy companion. She has that nice, rounded ass, a pussy that’s dripping wet and ready to take your cock any time. The detail on the skin and the orifices are amazing, too.

Let’s start with the most important aspect in a sex doll- the vagina. Ada’s pussy looks great, with considerable detail and texture both inside and outside. Your eyes and dick get that eye candy, and you get the same wonderful experience on penetration. At 7 inches in length, you can ram hard and deep, and the inside canal doesn’t feel too cramped at all.

The butt opening is a whole new world in a literal sense. Ada has a nice, rounded ass that practically begs for a doggy position. Since it’s tighter and smaller than her vagina, I would recommend you lube up extensively so you won’t end up with a dick burn. Like I said, be more careful when penetrating the anus because the squeeze is unbelievable!

Ada has that soft TPR material that feels very life-like. It’s made for solo play and for a private night of enjoyment. More importantly, it has fewer chances of irritating the skin, and the sex doll torso doesn’t have any phthalates that can ruin your experience. In my sessions with Ada she has proven to be an exceptional sex toy in every possible aspect.

This sex doll torso has a heft to it, weighing just a smidge over 24 pounds, which means you can set her down on any surface (even glass or marble) and she will stay there. With this feature you can do hands-free mode, or grab Ada’s hips and fuck her till kingdom come. It’s worth noting that she’s also submersible, so if you want to bring this sex doll torso to the shower or even a quick bath then feel free to do so. The wet and wild scenario won’t damage Ada at all.


  • Long vaginal opening for deep and satisfying thrusts
  • Safe TPE and phthalate-free material
  • Just the right price for a sex doll torso


  • Anal entry for the first time can be really tight

Peggy - Life-Size Sex Doll Torso with Virgin Pussy Ass Anus for Male Masturbation             

life-size sex doll


If Peggy was a real person she’d be your favorite porn star who’s always down for a good fuck. This sex doll torso can assume all the positions you’d want her to do, including spread-eagled on her back, bent down, or even sitting down with her breasts thrust out for your viewing pleasure.

Peggy is the blueprint of what makes a great sex doll torso. One look at the doll and you’d want to bring her home and make sweet love to her every night. We’re talking about a tight and clean pussy that practically wraps itself to your pecker, perfect D-cups that jiggle ever so slightly when you’re going slow and move like a pendulum when you’re going at it full steam, and a superb butt and hips to die for. She measures a respectable 21 inches in length, which is just about the right size for a doll.

Now, onto the important bits. The internal vaginal length stands at 5.7 inches, and the ass reaches around 5.1 inches. Boob job enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Peggy can also work you up big time, and she even allows you to cum all over her chest. For added eye candy you can buy a sports bra or tank top you can fit over those massive chests.

Peggy is also submersible, which means she’ll be able to survive a shower sex or two. The TPR material is outstanding, and it’s safe for your skin. Work up the courage for a threesome with your partner for added sexual depth.

Oh, and did I mention that her vagina is exquisitely textured? Even the labia and opening look tantalizing. Have Peggy wear a short skirt sans panties, then bend her over so you can see her flower for that ‘come hither’ scenario. It’s just one of the many things you can do with this realistic and life-like sex torso doll!


  • Built like a real person
  • Peggy’s vital statistics are amazing
  • Superb texture and penetration experience on the vagina


  • Might be more difficult to hide

Susie - Sex Doll Torso Realistic Hands Free Doggystyle Male Masturbator

male masturbator


Susie is that next-door neighbor or girl-next-door fuckdoll with curves and a pussy to die for. She has that ultra-level vaginal detailing that I haven’t seen anywhere else (and trust me, I’ve tried several dozen of them), and for this reason Susie has earned a special spot in this list.

If you’re a virgin in the sex doll torso niche then I’d wholly recommend you get this babe. Susie will hook you in with her supermodel curves, and when you pull down her panties you’ll see an incredibly realistic vagina, complete with folds, outer labia, and even a g-spot. That should be enough to give you a hard-on, and when you’re all lubed up you better be prepared for what happens next.

Before anything else, let me tell you a valuable tip when using Susie for the first time- focus on not nutting in the first few thrusts. She’s that tight and good! Lube can get you right in deep, but it’s the grip that’s sure to make you ejaculate sooner than you’d think. That said, try some cock-stroking techniques to ensure you last longer so you can give Susie a good first time (and take away her virginity in a grand fashion).

After you’ve had your way with Susie’s pussy you can explore her other feminine features. Her ass is extra plump and tight, and it deserves the same tight warning as her pussy. Feel free to fondle her breasts and lick her nipples any way you want. Susie is also weighty to a degree, standing at 15.5 pounds. Positioning her doggy style, on her side or up, and spreading her legs only takes a few seconds.


  • The best pussy detail and penetration yet
  • Tight as a virgin, even after several play sessions
  • Holds a position you want quite well and won’t slip out of your grasp


  • Super tight vagina. You’ve been warned!

Six Tips to Keep Your Sex Doll Torso Clean

Maintenance is an important aspect of owning a sex doll torso. If you want your lifelike companion to live a good number of years, then you should definitely heed these 6 tips to clean and maintain your sex doll torso.

Use the Right Type of Lubricant. There are different types of sex lubricants you can use, but for sex doll torsos a water-based lube is often the recommended option by manufacturers. So make sure that you get the right one as to not damage your sex doll torso.

Gentle Soap and Warm Water Does Wonders. Give your sex doll torso a warm bath using gentle soap and clean water. Do not use bleach, harsh detergent, or ice-cold or boiling water. You wouldn’t want to hurt your sex companion, would you?

Air Dry and Lightly Dust with Corn Starch. As a sort of best practice, sex doll owners apply a light coating of corn starch to keep their toys feeling soft and smooth. You’ll want to do the same if you want your torso doll to last a long time. Also, use a soft cloth after washing and air-dry properly before going for another session.

Beware of Staining When Wearing Clothes. TPR or TPE material may feel super realistic to the touch, but they can easily stain if you’re not careful. That said, you should avoid having your sex doll torso wear faded clothes or dark and new ones so their skin looks fresh and brand-new. Lingerie is a special exception- feel free to shop for sexy lingerie and laces to amp up your experience.

Keep in an Upright Position. So you won’t damage the joints and keep your sex doll torso flexible, I’d recommend you store your sex toy in a ‘standing’ position. Close the legs together and lay your toy down or standing, depending on the space you have available. If possible, put a piece of cloth or towel for your toy to rest in so the skin won’t get scraped or damaged in the process.

Sharp Objects is a Definite No-No. Do not keep your sex doll torso in a place or area that has sharp objects. Avoid crowding and observe a foot or two space all around. The same applies to when you enlist your sex torso to do the dirty deed- remove all sharp and hard objects on the bed, table or shower before you proceed.

Sex Doll Torso Buyer’s Guide FAQs

What should I buy, a sex doll or a sex doll torso?

It largely depends on your preference, but there are pros and cons associated with a sex doll and a sex doll torso. Make sure to read up on them so you can make an informed decision.

Can I watch porn while having sex with a doll torso toy?

Hell, why not? If it can give you a raging hard-on or set the visual on who you’d like to fuck, then by all means go for it. The good news is that there are more than a dozen porn categories, ranging from blowjob to MILF and 18+, among others.

How can I introduce a sex doll torso in the bedroom?

Slowly and carefully. Read your partner’s cues and hint at your sex doll torso when they’re super horny, and they’ll likely accept it.

How to play with a sex doll torso for the first time?

Like a prom date that’s graduated to first-time sex, you should approach your sex doll torso in a slow and steady manner. Experiment, fondle, and run through all the features you’d want to explore. Then, lube up and commit to the ride.

What goes well with a sex doll torso?

If you think you can handle multiple pleasures, then you should definitely try adding a few sex toys in the mix. Depending on your sex and alignment, I’d suggest you go with a cock ring (for guys) or a vibrator (for ladies).

Are You Ready for Your Sex Doll Torso Adventure?

Sex doll torsos can be an indispensable part of your life and bring joy to your sexual well-being. They’re made for fun play sessions and allow you to live out your fantasies without any inhibition. It’s okay to rock your sex doll’s world every now and then, but make sure to take special care of them too.


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