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Clitoral Vibrators

With nearly 10,000 nerve-endings, the clitoris is one of the body’s most erogenous zones! There are many different types of clitoral vibrators that can range from a soft flutter to a deep rumble. Our selection of clit vibrators includes small discreet bullets, powerful wand massagers, clitoral suction vibrators, remote controlled vibrators, and more!

Different Types of Clitoral Stimulation Toys

Clit vibes come in all shapes and sizes - perfect for bringing pleasure to your most sensitive areas. The most popular types of clitoral stimulation toys are :

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators may be small in size, but they can produce sensational results. With their discreet and compact designs, these toys can be easily concealed and taken with you wherever you go. Despite their small size, they are capable of delivering powerful vibrations that can help you achieve the perfect orgasm.

Magic Wands

Magic wands, which were originally designed as tools to achieve orgasm, can also be used as body massagers. They are particularly effective at providing stimulation to the clitoris, making them a popular choice as a sex toy for women.

Rabbit Vibrators

The wild sensation that these vibrations produce is widely recognized and popular. You can experience the pleasure and excitement of these vibrations as the soft silicone rabbit ears gently stroke your body, creating a range of exhilarating sensations.

Suction Toys

Clitoral suction vibrators are designed to deliver a sensational experience by blending two different types of stimulation - powerful vibrations and gentle suction. The vibrations are designed to stimulate your erogenous zones, providing a deep and intense feeling of pleasure. The gentle suction, on the other hand, works by increasing blood flow and enhancing sensitivity, creating a tantalizing sensation that can bring you to the edge of ecstasy. When these two sensations are combined, the result is an intensely pleasurable experience that can leave you breathless and fully satisfied.

Clit Vibrators for Beginners

If you're new to the world of sex toys or looking to spice up your solo play, clit vibes are a great option to consider.

A sleek and subtle bullet vibrator can be a great way to ease yourself in, as they offer multiple vibration settings and a compact design that's easy to use. These vibes are perfect for beginners as they are non-intimidating and straightforward, making them easy to incorporate into your sexual routine. Despite their small size, they can deliver intense vibrations that can leave you feeling breathless and satisfied. Plus, their convenient size allows you to discreetly carry them in your pocket or purse for pleasure on the go.

“This bullet quickly climbed the ranks of my favourite vibrators. It's the perfect thickness, quick charging time, and powerful vibrations that belied its small size.” - Honeykissme Customer

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to explore different options for sexual pleasure, why not try a rabbit vibrator? These bullet-style vibes come with all the features you’d expect plus soft, silicone bunny ears to deliver heightened and intense sensations to your sensitive areas, making your experience even more pleasurable.

Whichever clitoral stimulation toys you choose, make sure to add some water-based lube for maximum comfort and effect.

For more tips and tricks, take a look at our guide on How to Use a Clitoral Vibrator.

Clit Vibrators for Couples

Clitoral stimulation toys are fantastic for solo play but can be even better when used with a partner.

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Besides being great gag gifts for bachelor parties, there are lots of reasons to invest in blow up sex dolls. This includes:

  • A way to explore sex with a new partner.
  • If you are bi-curious you can see what it is like to be with a male sex doll.
  • As a third partner in a threesome with your partner to try out consensual non-monogamy.
  • Or, if you are lonely it is a great way to find someone to Netflix and chill with.
  • Put a lampshade on her head and use it as a conversation piece in your living room.
  • They make great floatation devices for your pool!

For couples who are interested in introducing sex toys into their sexual activities, finger vibrators are a great option. These discreet and compact vibrators are an excellent addition to foreplay or intercourse, adding some buzz to those all-important sweet spots.

Remote-controlled clitoral vibrators can also enhance sexual experiences, particularly in power play scenarios. Allowing your partner to control the intensity and patterns of vibrations can add an exciting element to your sexual play, and it can also create a sense of anticipation and suspense. Alternatively, taking the lead and using the toy to pleasure your partner while watching their reactions can be incredibly satisfying and arousing. Remote-controlled clit vibes offer a versatile and exciting option for couples who want to explore new levels of intimacy and pleasure together.

Just remember, all toys feel better with lube, so don’t forget to add some of your favorite into the mix to really elevate your couples play.