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Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators let you hand over control to someone in the same room or for discreet public play. App-enabled sex toys are virtual sex toys that allow you to control someone’s toy no matter where in the world you are; perfect for long-distance couples and online intimacy! Visit our How to Use a Remote Control Vibrator Guide for more ideas.

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How To Choose an Remote-Controlled Vibrator

When selecting a new vibrator with a remote control sex toy feature, there are several critical factors to consider:

Price: When it comes to remote-controlled vibrators, they usually come with a higher price tag than other types of vibrators. This is because these toys require a lot of technology to be designed and manufactured. Although the price is an important factor, it is crucial not to compromise on quality and buy a cheap knockoff that may break or fail to deliver the desired pleasure.

If you are looking for affordability but still want a sexy vibe to use with your partner, try the Norah - Remote Control Wearable Clit Massager Vibrating Tapping G-spot Vibrator-it's perfect for couples looking to add some excitement to their date nights, even if they're not physically together.

Features: The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a sex toy is its features. Can you control it with your smartphone or tablet, or through a remote? Does it vibrate, escalate, massage, or suck? How many vibration modes and pleasure patterns does it offer? Do you want to synchronize it with your favorite playlist to enhance your experience? Are you planning to use it for discreet public play or long-distance love affairs? Determine which options are essential for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Get More Out of Your Remote-Controlled Vibrator

It's important to read the manufacturer's instructions before using your remote control vibrator. This way, you can learn how to properly charge it and explore all of its functions. By doing so, you'll be able to make the most out of your new toy.

One suggestion could be: "Before engaging in sexual activity with your partner, try experimenting with the toy's settings and vibrations alone to identify which ones bring you the most pleasure. By doing so, you can communicate your preferences and enhance the experience during play. Handing over control of your pleasure and orgasms to your partner can be a thrilling experience, especially after discovering what works for you."

And if you feel uncomfortable at any time during your remote romp, you can always stop and disconnect. Make sure to talk to your partner about how you can both improve the experience.

Are Remote-Controlled Vibrators Good for Couples?

Long-distance love can benefit from remote-controlled vibrators, as they are highly rated sex toys that can help maintain a healthy and active sex life. These devices are excellent for fostering intimacy and shared passion between partners.

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Besides being great gag gifts for bachelor parties, there are lots of reasons to invest in blow up sex dolls. This includes:

  • A way to explore sex with a new partner.
  • If you are bi-curious you can see what it is like to be with a male sex doll.
  • As a third partner in a threesome with your partner to try out consensual non-monogamy.
  • Or, if you are lonely it is a great way to find someone to Netflix and chill with.
  • Put a lampshade on her head and use it as a conversation piece in your living room.
  • They make great floatation devices for your pool!

What Are the Different Types of Remote-Controlled Vibrators?

Remote-controlled sex toys and vibrators are available in various styles to cater to all your intimate pleasure needs. You can choose from toys that tease and suck the clitoris, sexual massagers that rub you in just the right way, G-spot vibrators, rabbits, clitoral stimulators, love eggs, bullets, panty vibes, kegel balls, vibrators for couples, butt toys, and male masturbators. There are countless options to explore and indulge in.

Are Remote-Controlled Vibrators Good Value?

As we’ve already mentioned, price is a crucial factor to consider when buying a remote-controlled sex toy. It's important to find a toy that provides great value and lives up to its promised performance. Prioritizing quality and design is key to ensuring the toy delivers the blissful experiences you desire.

Stay away from knock-offs, or cheaply made sex toys. While the price may seem seductive, you pretty much get what you pay for.