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Male Sex Toys

Elevate your solo or partner sex with some of the most popular male sex toys. Explore male masturbators including Fleshlights and other popular strokers. Check out penis pumps for harder, longer-lasting erections or explore the backdoor with our selection of anal toys and prostate toys.

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What are Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys include a range of devices that are designed to please the penis, prostate, or both. Some simulate the feeling of a mouth or vulva, while others target highly-sensitive areas with textures or vibrations.

As well as feeling awesome, some sex toys for men can help you to improve performance in the bedroom and even enhance the size of your member. There’s a whole world of exciting male adult toys to be discovered here at Honeykissme.

Types of Sex Toys for Men

There’s so much variety when it comes to sex toys to use on men, it’s hard to believe that people think women have all the fun!

If it’s penis pleasure you’re seeking, there’s penis sleeves, penis pumps, and cock rings, which are good sex toys for men who want to enhance their sex and masturbation sessions in their own way.

Our oral sex toys for men mimic the feeling of a blow job via flexible canals, tingling textures, and tight openings. Anal sex toys include anything that wows the rear end, such as prostate massagers, which are suitable for men of all sexualities.

The most popular vagina sex toys for men are Fleshlights, which are modeled on real-life vulvas. You can also find pocket vaginas for some pussy pleasure on the go!

How to Choose the Best Male Sex Toy for You

With so many good sex toys for men to choose from, deciding on a new toy can be even harder than… a really difficult math test. But there are ways to narrow down your choices, and the first step is deciding what kind of sensations you like.

If you’re a big fan of fellatio, browsing for blow job toys would be a good place to start. However, if it’s anal play you’re after, then P-spot massagers and butt plugs would be right up your street.

The best male sex toy for you also depends on your experience level too. If you’re new to sex toys for men, then opting for beginner level toys is best for getting you used to solo play sensations before diving too far in the deep end. Equally, if you’re a male sex toy pro, exploring more adventuous toys such as a urethral sound can really help you to unlock some unexplored areas of pleasure for an entirely new experience.

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Besides being great gag gifts for bachelor parties, there are lots of reasons to invest in blow up sex dolls. This includes:

  • A way to explore sex with a new partner.
  • If you are bi-curious you can see what it is like to be with a male sex doll.
  • As a third partner in a threesome with your partner to try out consensual non-monogamy.
  • Or, if you are lonely it is a great way to find someone to Netflix and chill with.
  • Put a lampshade on her head and use it as a conversation piece in your living room.
  • They make great floatation devices for your pool!

Best Male Sex toys for Solo Play

When it comes to steamy solo sessions, male masturbators can take a basic hand job to whole new heights. The textures of a stroker or vibrating penis sleeve create an exciting feeling to really tickle your pickle. Anal probers and prostate massagers are ideal for exploring your P-spot to achieve some serious backdoor bliss. Fleshlights and masturbator machines simulate a real life pussy, ass or mouth, while a sex toy doll lets you have whole package!

Best Male Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys for men don’t just have to be for solo play either. You can share the fun of a male sex toy by using it with a partner, or surrender control and let them use it on you! Some excellent men’s sex toys for couples play include cock rings, penis extenders and even sex toy kits to turn date night into a pleasure frenzy. Discover more sex toys for couples here.