Guide to
Anal Vibrators

You already enjoy vibrations and you love some backdoor play; now, read our guide on how to combine them into one truly delightful anal adventure.

Anal vibrators do amazing things to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in your rear even more than static anal toys, and our guide is here to  help you get the most butt fun from your toy.

What is an Anal Vibrator?

Anal vibrators are simply toys designed for your anus that also vibrate. Whether your toy is in a traditional butt plug, anal bead, or prostate massager shape, when they have the ability to vibrate, they’re anal vibrators.

If you have a vulva, make sure to always thoroughly clean and disinfect any toy that’s been in your butt before it goes anywhere near your vagina, as anal bacteria can disrupt the vagina’s delicate balance.

How to Use an Anal Vibrator

Use with lube

No matter what type of anal vibrator you have, you’ll need to use lubricant since the anus doesn’t offer any of its own. The best lube to use with anal vibrators is a water-based anal lubricant, which is compatible with all sex toy materials.

Start small

Whether you use a vibrating toy or not, it’s best to start out with a smaller item the first time you play anally. You can even choose an anal vibrator as your first toy and simply start by concentrating on the delicious ‘full up’ feeling of a toy in your butt without the vibrations.

Before inserting an anal vibrator, explore the different settings so you don’t get any surprises while you’re playing. If your toy stays nicely inserted, you could even wear it while having intercourse with your partner to enjoy even more varied play.

Explore new shapes and sizes

Once you know you like a certain shape of anal toy or the feel of vibes buzzing away in your rear, the next step is to find new toys that enhance your sensation.


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