Beginner's guide to Rabbit Vibrators

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit Vibrators are dual stimulation vibrating sex toys consisting of a shaft for G-spot and sensitive vaginal opening stimulation and an arm for clitoral stimulation. Anyone can use a rabbit by applying a little creativity, but this signature style of vibrator is designed for clitoral owners.

How Does a Rabbit Vibrator Work

Rabbit vibes work by simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and G-spot, providing an avenue for blended orgasms. One or more motors power up rabbits, making the toy vibrate against users’ hot spots.

Common Rabbit Vibrator Features

Common Rabbit Vibrator Features

Rabbit vibrators have an arm towards the bottom of the toy for maximum penetration length, with some form of clitoral stimulator on top. Many of these clitoral stimulators have a little extra stimulation and usually function a little more than the stand-alone smooth bullet style.


Another key component of the rabbit vibrator is an insertable shaft for internal pleasure. Just like the rabbit clitoral stimulator, there is a vast world of shaft features to explore. A common shaft design, as seen in the first rabbit sex toy ever made, is a section with a rotating bead for additional stimulation. Another popular feature is automatic insertion, which lets your rabbit do all the work for you. 

Dual Motors

Most rabbits boast a motor in the vibrator’s shaft and clit stimulator, respectively. Oftentimes these motors can operate independently, letting users tailor vibration intensity and patterns to their hot spots’ individual desires. Double the motors also equals double the power, making dual-motored rabbits a perfect match for lovers of intense vibration.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Use lube for your pleasure

Using lubricant is an essential practice when it comes to using any type of insertable sex toy, including rabbit vibrators. Applying lubrication, whether it's natural or manufactured, is particularly important for vaginal or anal play. To enhance your experience, generously coat the vaginal opening and the shaft of your rabbit vibrator with lube.

For those who enjoy a slippery sensation on their vulva, you can also apply lube to your toy's clit tickler and your own clit.

However, it's important to ensure that the lube you choose is compatible with the materials of your rabbit vibrator. To avoid damaging your sex toy, it's recommended to use water-based lubricants, which are safe for all sex toy materials.

Start with the clit stimulator

To start exploring your rabbit sex toy, begin by experimenting with its external arm. Try out the different vibration levels and patterns until you find a combination that feels good and satisfies your clit. This way, you can figure out your preferred settings before using the entire toy.

You may even want to spend some time stimulating your clit with the tickler alone, without inserting the shaft. This can help you build arousal and enjoy some self-foreplay.

Once you know what works for you and you're highly aroused, turn off the external vibe before proceeding to the next step. Don't worry, you can always return to the clit stimulation later!

Insert the shaft

Begin by placing the head of the rabbit vibrator at the entrance of your vagina, making sure that the clitoral arm is positioned at the front of your body. Then, insert the length of the toy into your canal. Once it's inside, you may need to adjust the position of the clit stimulator so that it's in contact with your clitoris.

Explore more fun

Once you have positioned the toy to fit your anatomy, turn on both motors and experiment with different pattern combinations to your heart's content. You can either thrust the rabbit vibrator in and out or leave it in place and enjoy uninterrupted clitoral stimulation while experiencing the fullness of the shaft and G-spot pleasure.

While these tips can serve as a helpful starting point for beginners, it's important to remember that these steps are not strict rules to follow. The most important advice we can offer on how to use a rabbit vibrator is to do what feels good for YOU! Explore and discover your own preferences and desires, and don't be afraid to try new things.

 Couples Use Rabbit Vibrators

  • If you're enjoying your rabbit vibrator and want to share the experience with your partner, you'll be happy to know that any type of sex toy can be used for couples' play - including rabbit vibes! However, using a rabbit vibrator with a partner may require a bit more creativity than using pleasure products designed specifically for couples. 
  • Here are some play ideas to help you incorporate your rabbit vibrator into partnered play:

Enhanced Oral

Use your rabbit vibrator on yourself while going down on your partner to experience mutual pleasure. As a bonus, the vibrations from the toy are likely to produce moans that will stimulate your partner's erogenous zones, adding to their enjoyment.

Titillating Show

Put on a sultry exhibitionist act for your partner using your rabbit vibrator. Let them watch as you indulge in the sensations the toy provides. For a kinky twist, consider having your partner wear a chastity device during the performance.

Double-Stuffed Love

Experience double penetration by combining rabbit vibrator play with anal sex. The rabbit's shaft will press against your posterior vaginal wall, making your rectum feel tighter, while your partner will feel the toy's functions through the shared wall. This combination is sure to bring intense pleasure to both partners.

Ways to Get More Out of Your Rabbit

Explore Triple Stimulation

What could be better than simultaneous stimulation of two of your hot spots? Simultaneous stimulation of THREE of your hot spots! Pair your blended G-spot/clitoral bliss with the pleasing of another favored erogenous zone like the breasts or booty. 

Experiment with Different Positions

Sex position exploration isn’t just for partnered sessions! Try using your rabbit while lying on your back, seated, on your stomach, standing, and on all fours. You can even enjoy squatting positions when using a suction-cup rabbit vibrator. You never know what buttons your toy will press in different positions until you try them, and what an orgasmic journey to take!


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