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About Us

At Honey Play Box, we believe that sex should be driven by each person’s authentic desires. What feels good? How do you like to be touched, talked to, seen, and cherished? How do you like to give this pleasure to others? These are the questions we center when thinking about our products and education for our community. 

Honey Play Box Team

We believe pleasure is perfect, and fun. Our team is made up of people who all share the belief that prioritizing pleasure, play, health, positive experiences of sexuality, and accessibility is necessary. We keep our toys affordable, and we love to offer promo codes and sales as often as possible so that as many people as possible can access the joy of sexual pleasure, if they want it. Sex is like playtime for adults! We want our customers, and our community, to feel inspired to explore their desires on their own terms without shame. 

Our toys are special because they are unique! We know that pleasure looks different for everyone and that there’s no single way to experience it. Whether you love external sucking stimulation, rumbly vibrations, silky smooth textures, dildos with ridges and curves, or vibration patterns, or dual vibrators for internal and external massage, we are committed to creating toys that can satisfy many different sexual desires. If you have no idea what you like, that’s great too! We’re here to help you explore. We produce unique toys to inspire and delight the special desires of all different kinds of people. Our toys are versatile, varied, and always made of body safe materials, so you can really explore safely!

Quality guaranteed! 

Each and every product we carry comes with a one year warranty directly from us! We've put in the time and effort testing each model rigorously before they go into production. If our product doesn't meet your expectations, please reach out and we will be happy to assist you

Discreet Packaging

All Honey Play Box products are privately packaged with unmarked packaging to provide discreetness at your door. 

Honey Play Box® is owned and operated by UC Global Trade Inc. UC Global Trade Inc. We specialize in e-commerce and wholesale/retail opportunities.