Which is better, a male masturbator or a sex doll?

Which is better, a male masturbator or a sex doll?

Male Masturbator
The male masturbator is a portable genital device for men, also known as an enlarged physiotherapy cup. It uses its health care function to make the male genitals play a health care role and achieve the effect of enlargement and thickening. By imitating the female reproductive organs, the male masturbator provides men with a pleasure function similar to masturbation, which is very comfortable.

Sex doll
Sex dolls are generally made in a 1:1 ratio for girls. They are equipped with vaginas, anus, and mouths so men can put their dicks in holes, rub and enjoy. Sex dolls can orgasm in place of real people. The sex doll is soft and elastic after inflating, and the skin is similar to that of a real girl. And it is easy to carry, clean, and reusable.

The advantages of both

  • 1. I won't lose my temper at you, and I have to think about what's wrong with you!
  • 2. As long as you want, whether morning, noon, or midnight, you can.
  • 3. The absolute loyalty of the two will never give you a cuckold.
  • 4. Both are model workers. You can do whatever you want.
  • 5. The two will not think: My last boyfriend was much better than you...

Compare the two

Both have their pros and cons! Everyone's feelings and needs are different! Such as, a sex doll needs to be inflated to prevent air leakage, and it is more inconvenient to carry than a male masturbator. The price is also higher than the male masturbator, but it gives you a natural feeling that it can't provide you. In contrast to the male masturbator, the male masturbator is straight to the theme, and it is easy to carry and play within a variety of ways.

Emphasize the critical point: easy to hide, the price is much lower than the sex doll. In case the sex doll is discovered by his girlfriend or family, wouldn't it be not very comfortable ~

Final note: both sex dolls and inflatable cups are good sex toys, each with its characteristics; it's hard to say which is good, you can choose to buy it according to your preferences.

Personal experience of both after use

I also have two years of experience in this area. Let's talk about my personal experience!

 Sleeping with sex dolls is different from worrying about contracting certain diseases. It just takes up a little space for you! Advanced silicone dolls are intelligent and can still bark! All are close to reality, except that they are not real. There are many ways to play the male masturbator. Its internal material is comfortable and worth trying, but you must pay attention to hygienic cleaning.

 Packing up the sex doll afterward is more troublesome than the male masturbator. With a sex doll, you have to deflate it, disassemble it, and rewash it. You can wash the male masturbator.

 Kudos to the portability of the male masturbator and the lack of inflation. I wouldn't say I like troubles. I have to inflate and disassemble and clean to make a plane. Afterward, I always worried about being discovered by others. Mental loss~ 

On the other hand, the male masturbator only needs to be cleaned afterward—no need to inflate. You can take it with you when you go out for travel or on business, without worrying about being discovered by others. So simple things, why choose complex? Of course, if you have no one else at home and are willing to carry this "heavy object," you can choose a more advanced sex doll!

 All right! Please think carefully according to your own needs.

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