What does a woman's orgasm look like? There are six kinds of manifestations when a woman orgasms.

What does a woman's orgasm look like? 

Some women still don't know whether they have reached orgasm after experiencing multiple sex lives, and some husbands always want the woman to orgasm with them. So what exactly does a woman's orgasm look like?

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FOUR characteristics of female orgasm

1. Before the orgasm comes, some people will have sexual flushing on the part of the skin. This is due to the redistribution of blood. The blood in the body suddenly flows to the body's surface, resulting in hyperemia of the superficial blood vessels under the skin. Sexual flushing mainly occurs on the face, front chest, and chest, and secondly, the whole body skin may also appear hyperemia.

2. Muscle tension
Due to increased muscle excitability, there is muscle tension in somebody's muscles, ranging from involuntary contractions to regular contractions. During orgasm, muscle spasm-like contractions may occur, mainly manifested as hand and foot spasms, facial twisting, or body twisting.

3. Increased breathing and heart rate
Due to the excitement of the central nervous system, blood pressure rises, muscle contractions, aerobic metabolism accelerates, and the demand for oxygen increases, resulting in faster breathing and heart rate. During orgasm, the breathing rate can reach 40 times/min, sometimes accompanied by rhythmic moaning; the heart rate increases to 120 times/min, and some women even get 150-160 times/min.

4. Feelings change
When women reach orgasm, some people will experience confusion, loss of vision and hearing, and even temporary syncope; some women are accompanied by loss or loss of taste and smell. It will gradually return to normal when it enters the regression phase.


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