How many times can a woman have sex in a night?

How many times sex can a woman endure a night? Probably the question that every female and a male friend wants to know is how many times can a woman have sex in a night? For this, there are too many opinions. To make it more straightforward for everybody, I will explain it in detail.

Women generally go through the following steps during sexual intercourse:

  • First of all, under the action of touching and stimulating self-sexual fantasies, the body shows excitement (arousal of libido), shortness of breath, rapid heart rate (increased by more than ten times/min), facial flushing, and spirits; feeling breasts swollen, nipples due to Large congestion protrusions, there is a small pleasure in contact; a small amount of fluid is secreted from the vulva, and there are occasional reflex muscle contractions in the lower vaginal segment and apparent joy. After the penis is inserted, under the stimulation of the twitching of the penis, the body is further excited, the pelvic cavity is congested, the muscles of the lower vaginal segment contract, tightly wrapping the penis (plateau stage), the stimulation of the penis is more prominent, and there is a strong sense of pleasure.

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Secondly, based on the "platform period," it takes about five to ten minutes (or longer or shorter time) to reach orgasm, which is manifested as reddening of the skin on the head, face, and whole body, soft closing of the eyes, Pleasant expression, shortness of breath or moaning, heart rate over 100 beats per minute, breasts standing up, nipples further enlarged and protruding, labia majora bulging and everting on both sides, labia minora engorged and dark red and protruding outwards, clitoral thickening It is in an erect state, pulled up to the pubic symphysis. The vulva secretes a lot of thin and transparent fluid. The most fundamental feature is the involuntary and rhythmic solid contraction of the lower vaginal sphincter, pelvic floor muscles, and skeletal muscles of the whole body. And the powerful pleasure spreads all over the body, the thinking is naturally stagnant, and the entire consciousness is immersed in the intense pleasure and extreme happiness of orgasm.

 Finally, there is the subsidence period, when the rhythmic twitching of the muscles during orgasm lasts for about 5 to 30 seconds and then gradually stops naturally. The subsidence of physical reactions, such as pelvic congestion, will gradually subside within 20 to 30 minutes, and the body will return to its normal state.

In the above process, multiple sexual intercourses may affect the health of the body:

1. The impact of multiple insertions of the penis into the vagina on women's health: The penis is inserted into the vagina and cramps, which is a mechanical stimulation to the vagina and may bring bacteria into the vagina at the same time. The vagina is composed of stratified squamous epithelium with strong anti-friction ability. If there is no pain during friction stimulation, even if the number of sexual intercourse is large and the time of sexual intercourse is long, there is no problem. Some women have apparent pain when the penis is inserted, which may be related to insufficient preparation for caress, too little fluid in the vaginal opening, or excessive spasm of the lower vaginal muscles due to apparent fear of sexual intercourse. An inflammatory response to a vaginal infection causes pain during penile penetration.

 2. Repeated sexual intercourse, if the penis or female vulva is not clean when the penis is inserted, some bacteria may be brought into the vagina, increasing the chance of vaginal infection. However, Lactobacillus bacteria naturally grow in the vagina of women, which can produce lactic acid and regulate the acidity in the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the PH value is maintained at around 4.5. Generally, bacteria cannot survive in such an acidic environment. Therefore, the vagina has a particular ability to resist infection. Under normal body immunity, even multiple sexual intercourses in a short period will not cause vaginal infection.

 3. The impact of multiple orgasms on women's health: Orgasm is a human instinct produced by long-term biological evolution. The human body is naturally capable of launching and undertaking the orgasmic response. Therefore, the orgasm response is not harmful to women's health. The results of modern sexual science research show that orgasm can improve the body's functional state and is beneficial to physical and mental health.

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