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Quick tips to get your toy working

Toy not working? Try these quick tips to solve common problems - let's get this show back on the road!

Is your toy rechargeable?

Make sure you have charged your toy for the recommended time. Double-check the instructions - a rechargeable toy normally has a light that flashes during charging and a solid light to indicate that it is fully charged.

My toy smells funny!

Most rubber, PVC or vinyl dildos tend to smell very strongly due to the nature of the materials and the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to removing this smell. However, it should gradually fade if washed regularly with warm water and Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner.

If all else fails, contact Customer Care

If none of that has done the trick, we're very sorry! Please contact Customer Care and we'll be happy to send you a replacement toy.

Phone, Email or Live Chat

Can't find what you need on this page? Then please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We aim to reply to all messages as quickly as possible but please bear with us during busy times.

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