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Butt Plugs

Butt plugs enhance masturbation, foreplay, and sex with a partner with new, pleasurable sensations. Anal plugs are available in different materials and sizes. Explore our vibrating butt plugs, prostate stimulators, inflatable plugs, jeweled plugs, and more! Check out our guide on How to Choose and Use a Butt Plug for more info!
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What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a type of sex toy that is intended to be inserted into the anus and remains in place during sexual activity, foreplay, or solo play. It provides a sense of fullness and heightened sensation when worn during sex. These plugs are made with a flared base to ensure easy and safe removal and prevent them from getting lost inside the rectum. They come in various sizes, designs, and styles to cater to individuals with different preferences, from beginners to experienced users. With such a wide range of butt plugs available, there is bound to be one that's perfect for you.

How to Use a Butt Plug

If you’re new to butt plugs, here are our tips to get you started:

  • To ensure a comfortable and safe experience when using a butt plug, it is crucial to apply a good anal lubricant to the plug and the surrounding area.
  • After applying the anal lube, it is important to relax the muscles in the anus before inserting the butt plug. This can be achieved by inserting one or two fingers or by receiving rimming from a partner. By taking the time to relax and become comfortable, you can minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of injury during the insertion process.
  • Once the muscles are relaxed, it is important to gently and gradually introduce the anal plug in a circular motion until you feel comfortable with the size of the plug. Slowly insert the plug into the anus, pausing if you experience any discomfort. It is important to never force the plug into the anus, as this can cause pain or injury. Take your time and listen to your body to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Stimulating other erogenous zones such as the vagina or penis while wearing an anal plug can enhance sexual pleasure and increase the chances of reaching orgasm.
  • When removing the butt plug, it's important to do so gently and slowly. This helps to prevent any discomfort or injury.

Types of Butt Plugs

If you’re looking for unrivalled prostate stimulation, we’d recommend a curved anal plug like the Lovehoney Booty Buddy Butt Plug. This toy is best used as a male butt plug because it provides a filling sensation while stimulating your P-spot for mind-blowing orgasms. To give your anal play sessions some zing, go for a vibrating butt plug. Discover more male butt plug and P-spot toys in our Prostate Massager category.

Male Butt Plugs

For those seeking unparalleled prostate stimulation, we suggest opting for a curved anal plug such as the Honeykissme Remote control Vibrating Prostate Massager for breathtaking P-spot orgasms. This toy is ideal for male use, as it offers a satisfying fullness while simultaneously stimulating the P-spot to achieve breathtaking orgasms. If you want to add an extra zing to your anal play, consider a vibrating butt plug. Browse our Prostate Massager to find more male butt plug and P-spot toys.

Butt Plugs for Women

If you’re new to anal toys, it is best to begin with small butt plugs. However, for those who are looking for more options, anal plug kits containing varying sizes and lengths are great for experimentation. Additionally, for beginners, it is recommended to use silicone anal plugs as this material has more flexibility. Nevertheless, it is important to always use a water-based lube with silicone toys to prevent damage.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

With inflatable anal plugs, you have complete control over the experience. The included pump allows you or your partner to increase the girth of the butt plug to your desired size, either before or after insertion.

Glass Butt Plugs

Glass butt plugs are a popular choice among users due to their sleek and attractive design. Moreover, they are excellent at retaining hot and cold temperatures, which can increase stimulation. Our glass anal plug collection is available in various lengths to satisfy all pleasure seekers.

Butt Plugs Guides

Need more tips on how to choose a butt plug? Read our How to use a Butt Plug for more information.