What are the characteristics of high-quality sperm?

Three characteristics of high-quality sperm

1. The amount of semen is about 2 ml. After intercourse, the amount of semen secreted by each male is different. If the amount of semen is about 2 ml, it is in the normal range. At this time, the semen is also accessible to flow into the female vagina. However, some men's amount of semen secreted is as much as 7 ml, which is more than three times higher than usual. The quantity and quality of men's semen are inversely proportional. Although the amount of semen is large, most semen is of poor quality. Women's eggs are very "picky," When they see these poor quality sperm, they refuse to "associate" with them, resulting in women's failure to conceive. The semen volume is about 2 ml, which means high-quality sperm;

2. The color of the semen is milky white. If the sperm is relatively healthy, then the color of the semen is milky white. Some couples only have sex once for a long time, and the color of the semen may be a little yellow, which is also expected. But if the man's semen is yellow-green and it is bloodshot in the semen, it means that the man's body is ill, and he has to go to the hospital immediately;

3. The density of semen is very high. After intercourse, couples can also carefully observe the thickness of semen. If the semen is skinny, it is like water, which means that the sperm density of men is very thin, and the density of sperm is light, which implies Because of the low quality of men's sperm, this type of sperm is very unpopular with eggs. If a man's semen is very thick, and when carefully observed, it is found that the semen can still show a state of drawing, which means that the sperm density is high and the quality of the sperm is good, and the eggs will be more "favored."

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