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What is a Multiple orgasm? 

Women's bodies have more erogenous zones than men, such as clitoris, ears, neck, abdomen, breasts, legs, etc. Mixed orgasm is the simultaneous stimulation of multiple erogenous zones of a woman's body, which produces sexual pleasure at the same time. Women are prone to mixed orgasms during fast-paced intercourse or during passionate foreplay with a sex partner.

Even those with a constitution with a low probability of vocal orgasm can now enjoy a higher level of pleasure than clitoral orgasm without having to go through the surgery. Because there is a "multiple orgasm" called a mysterious phenomenon that only female can experience.

This kind of multiple orgasm is also called "combined orgasm". For example, when clitoris reaches orgasm, other parts of the body will also move and feel very comfortable.

For female friends who have not enjoyed this kind of complicated pleasure, please watch back carefully. Do you experience a spasm in your vocal tract when clitoris reaches orgasm? This is the state where the soundtrack is swept in by clitoral pleasure, which is the mixed climax. When clitoris climaxed, the sound channel seemed to have reached a climax, and the double pleasure rushed together.

It's a complex and deeply sensual experience, but the method for eliciting this effect is surprisingly simple. At the beginning, please try it out by yourself. First of all, stimulate clitoris as usual. When you feel that you are about to orgasm, put the fingers of your other hand into the vocal channel, aim at the G point, and gently press the G point with the pulp of your finger.

How ​​can I get a multiple orgasm? 

A mixed orgasm is a more "advanced" orgasm because it requires you to know your body very well (or your partner to know your body).

It's a strange thing to consider that even now, with all our medical and scientific expertise, there is still debate and confusion about female anatomy. For example, many women don't know that their clitoris isn't just that little bundle of external nerves we know and love, but actually has "legs" that extend around the vaginal opening and then into the vagina (in fact , there is a recently published paper arguing that the clitoris and the G-spot are not distinct organs, but part of the same tissue complex—in short, the G-spot is the "back" of the clitoris).

As long as you try the multiple orgasm, you can feel the feeling of a strong trance intoxicated in the lower body that can't be felt by the clitoris alone.

After getting used to it, it can also be used when you are having sex with your male partner. During foreplay, ask your man to touch your little beanie, and when the little beanie is about to orgasm, give the man a hint and ask him to fuck you. In fact, without entering, the vocal tract will also convulse and produce pleasure, but if there is a penis rubbing against the G-spot, the pleasure will accelerate and reach an unprecedented height. In addition, without waiting for the climax of the clitoris to enter first, doing movements and stimulating the clitoris at the same time is also a hedonistic method.

Can I do it by myself?

In any case, the help of men is indispensable. I think almost every man is willing to participate, after all, when a woman has a mixed orgasm, it is also very beneficial to the man. Because when the clitoris reaches orgasm, the vocal tract will also have intense spasms, which will clamp penis tightly. Moreover, at this time, there will be wave-like waves in the sound channel, just like a desire for semen, from the entrance of the sound channel to the depths, which is also a brand-new refreshing enjoyment for men.

What do I need to get a mixed orgasm?

You don't really need anything: if you have patience and some time, then your hand or your partner's will provide good results.

That said, many women seeking mixed orgasms use toys for their purposes. The more excited you are, the better and easier it will be, so make sure you spend a lot of time building, spoiling, and making fun of yourself.

If you can't use your hands flexibly, you can also use sex toys to solve it. Stimulate the clitoris with a vibrating egg, insert an electric massage stick, or use a sex toy that can stimulate both parts at the same time. Anything is fine, depending on how you feel.

Find a rhythm that alternates between the pressure you put on your clitoris and your G-spot, experimenting with slightly different angles and intensities. Try putting vibrations on and around your clitoris to track its length inside yourself. Continue to tease and prolong the pleasure—the longer you delay the orgasm, the more intense it will be.

When a mixed orgasm finally overwhelms you, you'll notice the muscles in your vagina contract all the time; it's this depth that gives a mixed orgasm its intensity.

It seems that many people reject sex toys, but they are originally props made for pleasure. And recently, there have been a lot of sex toys that use safe materials and match the size of women. I suggest that female friends, you can try to play and accept it positively.

Practice makes perfect, so the more you experiment and indulge your body with mixing orgasms, the easier and more powerful they become. Exercising Your Kegels  will also help strengthen the muscles you use during this orgasm, which in turn will further enhance the sensation.


Sex toys also come in handy when having sex. For a man, it is not an easy task to stimulate a woman's little peas. At this time, you can use the vibrating egg against the clitoris, and ask the girl to hold it with her hand. In this way, when the man is desperately swinging his waist, the jumping egg will not fall off the small beans, which is more likely to cause a multiple orgasm.

Don't sigh if you've challenged it but still can't get a female multiple orgasm. Whether it is sex or masturbation, it is not so easy to reach orgasm if you do not practice repeatedly to make your body remember. So please slowly observe the signs that you are about to orgasm, and slowly practice to grasp the timing of entering. Once you get the hang of it, you can experience your multiple orgasms unexpectedly and simply!